Why Clean Floors Matter

You know you need to clean the floors. But do you really know just how important this particular cleaning function is in your business? We’d wager a guess you don’t. That’s understandable; you have a business to take care of everyday.But our business is the business of cleaning. So we know a thing or two about why clean floors matter. Here are the 3 big ways clean floors impact your company:1. Reduce accidentsSlips and falls happen every day, and sometimes it’s out of your control. But when dirt and mud builds up on your floors they get slippery. This is avoidable with regular cleaning. Furthermore, regular cleaning helps keep your floors clear from unnecessary clutter. That does a few things for your office. On one hand, it keeps objects that could cause falls out of the way. On the other hand, it improves tidiness in your office, which is good for employee productivity.2. Improve your imageYou know your reputation as a business is important. In fact, you spend countless hours creating promotional materials and perfecting your processes. But have you ever thought about what message your building is sending? Without good floor maintenance you will have floors that are uneven, dull, faded and lackluster in appearance. Clean floors go a long way in improving the aesthetic of your office space. That way your office visitors will be just as impressed with your inside image as your outside reputation.3. Save moneySpending money on regular maintenance of your floors sounds like a way to spend money not save money. But the opposite is true. When floors experience high traffic, like office spaces, they become dirtier and run down faster. That will eventually lead to your floors needing to be replaced, which is a big cost for your business. Regular floor maintenance will extend the life of your floors and save you money in the long run.Clean floors will enhance the health of your business by improving employee productivity, saving you money, and improving your overall image to visitors. That’s why we place a huge importance on the floors in your business!Fill out the form below to contact OpenWorks.[sc name="OW New Contact Form"]

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