Why Commercial Cleaning is So Important in the Age of the Coronavirus

On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a public health emergency and on March 11, 2020 certified Coronavirus as a pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control say it is essential to “clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces” to avoid spreading viruses.

Coronavirus is just another reason why commercial cleaning is so important in the workplace.

The Workplace Can Be A Magnet for Viruses

Coronavirus may survive on surfaces for a few hours or several days, depending on the surface and the material. The flu can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Other viruses can remain on hard surfaces for up to a week. In the age of the Coronavirus, it’s never been more important to keep your workplace clean.

Since there is currently no approved vaccine for Coronavirus, the best way to control it is to prevent it from spreading.

To understand how to prevent it from spreading it is important to know what is the difference between a cleaner and a disinfectant?

Cleaners are chemical products used to remove soil, dirt, dust, organic matter, and germs. Disinfectants are chemical products that destroy or deactivate germs – disinfectants typically have no effect on dirt, soil or dust.

OpenWorks uses several broad-spectrum hard surface disinfectants that have shown to be effective against other similar viruses, such as Human Coronavirus, SARS associated Coronavirus, Porcine Respiratory & Reproductive Syndrome Virus (PRRSV), Rotavirus, and Rhinovirus Type 37. These hard surface disinfectants can be used against 2019 n-CoV when used in accordance with the directions on the label for each product, based upon the EPA Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides.

High touch surfaces in your facility that should be focused on include:

  • Door handles and knobs
  • Light switches
  • Hand rails
  • Elevator buttons
  • Phones
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Restroom stalls and dispensers
  • Vending machines
  • Food preparation surfaces
  • Breakroom, restaurant and cafe tables and chairs
  • Microwave, refrigerator and kitchen appliance handles
  • Coffee machines
  • Copier, printer and fax control buttons
  • Cabinet and file drawer handles
  • Chair arms
  • Desks
  • Counter tops
  • Front desk and lobby surfaces
  • Equipment controls
  • Wheelchairs and walkers
  • Computer keyboards and mouse
  • Remote controls
  • Recreation equipment

Commercial Cleaning Services Near Me

OpenWorks provides a full range of commercial cleaning services, from basic janitorial to deep cleaning. OpenWorks can handle any commercial cleaning job, including hygienic cleaning for hospitals and health care facilities that require strict adherence to regulatory standards from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), OSHA, and other governmental agencies.

Learn more about commercial cleaning in the age of Coronavirus by downloading the Executive Report on this page.

We have earned a reputation as a leading national commercial cleaning company and have a 98% customer retention rate—the highest in the industry.

Get the full report here.

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