Why Integrated Facility Services Gives You an Edge on the Competition

As a facility manager, you are one of the key players responsible for making sure your building stays profitable. Ensuring profitability is not an easy task as it spans a huge number of operational areas. From creating a visually pleasing space and ensuring that safety needs are met to overseeing contracts and reducing operational costs, your hands are full!What if you could streamline some of that management? What if you could reduce the number of contracts you had to oversee while still maintaining the quality of your building? That’s where integrated facility services come in. Integrated facility service providers give companies an edge over their competition because one vendor takes care of all cleaning and maintenance needs.

Save Time

While your competition is racing around managing multiple vendors, you have one company to take care of your maintenance and upkeep needs. Any time you need additional service, pick up the phone and call. Then, you’re free to explore some new, value-added ideas and innovations your competition never seems to find time for.

Reduce Overhead

The details of running a facility, like administration and purchasing, add up financially. As you begin working with an integrated facility services partner, they take on a wide range of these tasks. This means that you no longer have the overhead that is associated with such tasks and your costs are reduced.

Consistent Service

Whether you oversee a Class A, B or C building, it’s important that you are delivering the same quality of service each day so your building occupants have a reliable experience every time they arrive. An integrated facility service provider can help you achieve this goal more easily because they come to learn your building inside and out. This means that you set expectations one time, and they are carried out on a variety of tasks consistently.If you are looking for ways to stay competitive in the commercial facilities space, talk with an integrated facility service provider. Companies, like OpenWorks, will customize a maintenance and upkeep plan to best suit your needs so you can consistently surpass your competition![sc name="OW New Contact Form"]

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