Why Owning an OpenWorks Franchise is Right for You

So you’re thinking about buying a franchise, but you don’t know where to start. Many people find themselves in this situation. Deciding which franchise to buy can be a tough decision; it’s a big investment of time and money, not to mention the fact that you’re probably making a major career transition from employee to business owner. But with the right franchise, the investment will be well worth the reward. So, look no further! Here is why owning an OpenWorks franchise is right for you!Continual SupportWhile business skills are always a great asset in business ownership, you don’t have to know everything about running a franchise the minute you sign up with OpenWorks. We’re here for our franchisees, every step of the way. We provide initial and ongoing education and training for you and your employees, so you can continue learning and making your business the best that it can be. We also provide equipment and supplies for operating your business, as well as administrative support for invoicing collections. You don’t have to do it all; at OpenWorks, we’re always here to help!Guaranteed CustomersOne of the downfalls of many franchises is that you have the added pressure of finding your own clients and customers. Well, that’s not the case when you join OpenWorks! There is no selling required! OpenWorks provides you with your initial customers, and if you desire, will continue to provide you with future business.FreedomWith OpenWorks, you have the freedom of choice! You are free to go wherever your business takes you within your region; there’s no hassle of corporate limitations. You can even operate your business from home. At OpenWorks, we know everyone works a little differently. We want our franchisees to be successful in their environment of choice.Low Startup CostsWe know most people don’t just have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around. But that shouldn’t limit your ability to achieve your goal of owning your own business! OpenWorks has a low startup cost of only a $7,000 minimum in liquid capital, with financing available to those who need it. With OpenWorks, living your dream won’t break the bank.Find out more about how you can own an OpenWorks franchise today!

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