Why You Should Consider A Cleaning Franchise

4 Reasons You Should Consider a Cleaning Franchise

The time has come to pick a franchise system. At this stage you've probably decided that opening a franchise is the smarter option for you than starting your own business. The natural next step is to determine which industry you want to join as a franchisee. Especially since there are franchise systems in almost every conceivable industry.

Each of these industries consist of pros and cons for you as a franchisee. However, the commercial cleaning industry offers many advantages you won’t find in other industries.

1. Industry Growth. Commercial cleaning will always be necessary, regardless of the state of the economy. That means that you can rest easily with the knowledge that your business won’t experience unexpected dips in profit by outside means that you have no control over. As a whole the commercial cleaning industry is valued around $160 billion with expectations to grow in demand to over $175 billion in the coming years.2. Retention. As a commercial cleaning business you have clients through recurring monthly contracts. That provides your business with a steady stream of revenue. This is unlike other industries that may experience fluctuations in revenue month to month due to seasonality or other factors. As an industry, the client retention rate is 45%, but at OpenWorks we have a retention rate of 88% meaning you will have an even greater stream of steady revenue.3. Growth Potential. Most analysts agree that the cleaning industry is on a growth trend at the moment with no foreseeable plans to derail from that growth. This is because of the recent rise in new business formation that is expected to prompt a rebound in building construction and reduction of office vacancy rates. In fact, professional cleaning specialists is one of the fastest growing occupations for the next decade. At our 380+ franchise locations, we employ 2,500 people every day.4. High Demand. Since commercial cleaning services are always necessary, there is a high demand in the market for efficient, dependable cleaning services. However, many other cleaning franchises don’t meet those terms. Whereas, we at OpenWorks do meet those terms. Therefore, our services are in high demand both because of the industry and within the industry.

The franchise cleaning industry is valued at nearly $50 billion. Furthermore, it has grown by more than 66% in the past ten years. So, as a franchisee in this lucrative franchise industry you will have the tools and demand to run a successful business for years to come.

Does the commercial cleaning industry sound like the right decision for you? Then check out what OpenWorks can offer you that no other commercial cleaning franchise can offer.

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