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For nearly 40 years, OpenWorks has helped over 700 smart, hard-working people like you succeed. Whether you’re looking to start a new business, grow your existing cleaning company, or you’re a veteran exploring exciting business opportunities, OpenWorks has franchise models designed to help you achieve the professional success and personal fulfillment you’ve been looking for.

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Why become a franchise owner?

No Selling Required

We handle the selling, saving you time, money and paperwork.

Proven Business Model

Recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for three consecutive years.

Unlimited Growth Potential

Whether you want to keep your business small or scale as large as possible, we can help.

Guaranteed Customers

We provide your local or regional customer base, guaranteed.

Ongoing Training

From technology to best practices, we keep you on the cutting edge of the industry with robust training and education.

Amazing Support

You'll have access to dedicated support teams providing fast assistance for any issue.

Home-Based Business

Enjoy the freedom of running your business from home and being in control of your own schedule.

Recession Resistant

Facility management is a $370+ billion a year industry with ever-increasing demand for cleaning and disinfection services.

Low Cost with Financing Available

Highly competitive franchise fees with a wide variety of financing options.

Which OpenWorks Franchise Model Works Best for You?

We have compelling models for new franchise owners, existing cleaning companies, and military veteran opportunities.

franchise model #1

For New Business Owners

Tired of working for someone else? Want to work from home? Ready to channel your energy into building a business you can be proud of? OpenWorks provides the customers, training, equipment, and assistance with business planning you need to get started right away — all with affordable franchise fees and no start-up equipment costs.

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Franchise model #2

For Growing Existing Cleaning Companies

Have you been dreaming of expanding into new markets, or even new states? An OpenWorks franchise gives you a robust suite of tools and resources designed to help you scale beyond your expectations. Our flexible packages provide you with customers, comprehensive training, administrative support and more — all with no additional up-front costs for equipment

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franchise model #3

For Veterans

Discipline, hard work, attention to detail — your military experience is ideally suited to the commercial cleaning industry. Put that experience to work with a franchise through OpenWorks and receive the tools, training, business plan and support you need to succeed — all with a discount for United States veterans and active duty service members.

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Franchise model #4

For Entrepreneurs & Multi-Unit Investors

Perhaps you’re already well-versed in franchise ownership and looking for an opportunity to increase your revenue streams and portfolio. We have a franchise model designed specifically for your level of expertise.

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Awards and Accolades

We're proud to be an award-winning company, with long-term memberships with some of America's most trusted associations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get started as an OpenWorks franchise owner?

We offer franchise packages with cash start-up fees under $15,000, with financing offered for the remainder of the initial franchise fee. For more information talk to a Franchise Specialist.

Are there any costs that I’ll be required to pay besides the OpenWorks franchise fee?

Costs are outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document that you will receive if you are interested in purchasing a franchise. Speak with a Franchise Specialist to get more details.

Does OpenWorks offer any special deals for active military or veterans?

Yes. We offer a discount on the entire franchise cost for United States active military and veterans. Talk to a Franchise Specialist to get more details.

What happens during the OpenWorks application process?

Our multi-step screening and disclosure process takes about 30 days to complete. It begins with a phone consultation with a Franchise Specialist and includes two virtual meetings, all in compliance with federal franchise disclosure laws. Schedule a consultation with a Franchise Specialist to get started.

Why should I become an OpenWorks franchise owner?

We are a leading commercial cleaning franchisor and our providers service more than 5,500 facilities nationwide. Our customers also stay with us. In an industry with a 45% average retention rate, ours is 99%. Meet with a Franchise Specialist to learn more about us.

As an OpenWorks service provider, am I required to use specific equipment and products?

Yes. Initial equipment and supplies are included in your franchise fee. When you need to reorder supplies, you can purchase approved supplies from one of our suppliers or a supplier of your choosing. Contact a Franchise Specialist for more details.

How soon will I start getting customers and serving accounts when I become an OpenWorks franchise owner?

A new franchisee usually completes training and is ready to service accounts approximately 30 days after signing all the required paperwork. The fulfillment period in which OpenWorks is required to provide you the agreed upon volume of accounts is listed in the Franchise Agreement and varies based on the package you purchase. Contact a Franchise Specialist for more information.

Do I hire my own employees as an OpenWorks franchise owner?

Yes, you are in charge of your own hiring decisions. We will provide initial training to help you with the hiring process should you need it. Talk to a Franchise Specialist to learn about ongoing business management training that we provide.

Is it possible to run my OpenWorks franchise business out of my home?

Certainly. A commercial cleaning company is an ideal home-based business. Talk to a Franchise Specialist to learn why.

Can I become an OpenWorks franchise owner if I already own a cleaning business?

Definitely. We can help you expand your existing business and put you on a path toward high-volume growth. Talk to a Franchise Specialist to learn how.

Does OpenWorks conduct franchisee training in-person or online?

We currently offer a variety of online educational training courses designed specifically for franchise owners through Franchise University, our proprietary OpenWorks franchise education website. To learn more, talk to a Franchise Specialist.

What is included in the OpenWorks initial franchise fee?

Your initial franchise fee includes equipment, training, a supplies starter kit and marketing materials. More importantly, we provide you with customers – you aren’t required to do any selling! And our Accounting team handles all billing and collections. Talk to a Franchise Specialist to learn more.

Do you offer financing to purchase an OpenWorks franchise?

Everyone’s situation is different. Our financial providers offer several different options to meet a variety of needs and credit levels. Meet with a Franchise Specialist to learn more.

Are there any costs that I’ll be required to pay besides the OpenWorks franchise fee?

There is a one-time $50 fee for training materials as well as a royalty. Speak with a Franchise Specialist to get more details?

Is commercial cleaning and facilities management a stable industry?

Yes. The facility management market is a $370+ billion industry and generally remains stable because most businesses need these essential services.

What types of customers will I work with as an OpenWorks franchise owner?

OpenWorks provides commercial cleaning and facilities maintenance services to businesses in many industries including commercial and residential property management, healthcare, education, financial and professional services, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and distribution. Talk to a Franchise Specialist to learn more about the types of customers you’d be working with.

How will I get customers if I become an OpenWorks franchise owner?

Our nationwide customer sales team constantly works with companies that need cleaning and facilities services. We pass them onto you once they become customers. Talk to a Franchise Specialist to learn how this works.

How many customers will I get once I become an OpenWorks franchise owner?

The exact number of customers will vary depending on the franchise package you choose. You can start by working with as few as 3 or 4 customers and expand as much as you want to. Contact a Franchise Specialist for more details.

What happens if my OpenWorks franchise has a customer who doesn’t pay?

Our accounting department handles all billing and collections as part of our services to you under the Franchise Agreement. Contact a Franchise Specialist to learn how this works.

Do I need to have insurance if I become an OpenWorks franchise owner?

Yes, we and the customers require you to carry liability and workers comp insurance. OpenWorks has insurance options available to you, or you are welcome to obtain your own policy. We cover this in detail during the franchise disclosure and review process and again after you have signed all the paperwork. For more information, contact a Franchise Specialist.

What kind of training does OpenWorks provide?

All new franchisees are required to complete an initial training program that covers all facets of commercial cleaning, safety, and proper chemical and equipment usage. This also includes basic managerial and business training as well as all aspects of floor care and facility maintenance. Talk to a Franchise Specialist to get more details on the training we provide.

Does OpenWorks provide ongoing training and education?

Yes. We take training and education very seriously because we know it helps our service providers deliver the superior results and personalized service that our customers expect. We provide an integrated advanced training program that includes business management, customer service, recruiting, supervision and safety. Please talk to a Franchise Specialist for more information.