3 Reasons to Start A Cleaning Franchise


Deciding whether to buy into a franchise or start your own independent cleaning company is a tough decision to make. Each has its own pros and cons, but when it comes to commercial cleaning, you must think about what your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to the industry. Are you good at attracting new business? Do you know suppliers to get discounted rates? Do you need help getting your business up and running? Are you good a managing other people? Questions like these can provide some clarity as to which option may be best for you. If you’re still at the fork in the road, consider these 3 reasons why you should start a cleaning franchise.

Marketing to new and current customers is easier

For many small business owners, marketing can be an extremely difficult undertaking. You must know who your audience is, what they need, and most importantly, what it is that you are providing them that sets you apart from your competitors. Opting to go with a franchising company eliminates that burden and even elevates your credibility in the marketplace via brand recognition. Many clients will recognize the logo or the name of the franchising company, giving you a leg up on small businesses that are struggling to make a name for themselves and attracting new customers.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition and brand awareness play a crucial role in how much business you attract. Since most franchising companies are more established, they can build their brand to a level that a budding entrepreneur simply can’t compete with.Brand is one of the biggest benefits to franchising. It allows for a larger pool of clients to tap into and it also makes it easier to attract new customers. By franchising, you’d have more time to focus on growth rather than trying to convince a prospective customer to consider your unknown business over the companies that they do happen to know.

Business operations become more manageable

Starting a business requires thinking about every component of business; not just sales. Things like payroll, taxes, certifications, training, supply replenishment, quoting, etc. all play a role in ensuring that a business is practicing healthy habits. However, those components require serious groundwork that you may not have enough bandwidth for. If that sounds overwhelming, consider how a franchisor might help. Typically, franchisors assist franchise owners in providing sales, legal, marketing, contractual and administrative resources to help them accelerate their businesses.

Giving Instructions

Ongoing support and training are what enable many franchise owners to excel in sales, customer service, and overall business operations. Instead of problem-solving as a sole proprietor, franchise owners have access to a dedicated support team ready to assist should an issue arise. Underscoring the importance of the provided support and training is the fact that it lends peace of mind. Franchisors that have a successful track record know that investing in the franchise owners is the best thing for the company and the franchise owners. Be cautious if a franchisor does not provide any sort of training or support program.

Financial  recommendations and support help to stay on track

Money matters. And anyone who says otherwise has clearly never owned a business. Regardless of whether you choose to start your own company or open a franchise, capital is required to get the ball rolling. The cost of starting your own company depends on the size of your operation whereas most franchising companies have a tiered financial structure based on how large you want to grow. Most entrepreneurs take out small business loans if they aren’t being bankrolled by a wealthy contact or sitting on stockpiles of cash. But even then, the risk is evident. Many franchising companies recognize this. That’s why many offer financing options that seek to help entrepreneurs that are ready to get to work but don’t have all the capital needed to purchase outright.

Financial report

Depending on the type of franchise you are going for will determine up-front costs. Commercial cleaning franchises usually have lower up-front costs than franchises in the retail and food industries. Interestingly, up-front costs are only a piece of the puzzle. Franchising often saves in equipment costs, overhead expenses, décor, and physical spaces—making this option more attractive than simply going at it alone.Keep in mind though that access to these resources usually comes at a cost. Whether it’s through royalty fees or a predetermined management style, it’s important that you talk with the franchisor to ensure that you fully understand the fee structure and franchise agreement.Regardless of whether you start your own company or decide to franchise, the important thing is that you understand that you aren’t the cleaner—you’re the boss.OpenWorks is guided by a simple philosophy: A cleaner, safer and healthier environment means a more productive workplace. For more information on how an OpenWorks franchise can jumpstart your business, visit our website here.

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