Reduce Operational Risk

Facility risks are often unseen and can result in operational shutdowns, work disruptions, regulatory issues, productivity losses, and impacts to the P&L.

Reduce this risk by choosing the right facility management partner.
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Mitigate Operational Risk

Multi-Site Facilities Management Built for You

Our customers cannot afford disruptions to their businesses. They require healthy, safe environments for their employees and customers. They must reduce risk associated with compliance, injuries, and increasing costs. They need to streamline facility processes and gain visibility into their operation. 

This requires a facility management and commercial cleaning partner that can scale consistent services and consolidate information across all your sites while providing personal attention at each location. This reduces your risk – and improves your bottom line.

Current approaches to facility management and commercial cleaning don’t meet the needs of most organizations and can lead to unreliable and inconsistent service. These alternative approaches include traditional facility management, standard janitorial and independent contractors.

Traditional FM Companies

Traditional FM Companies
Best for large sites with staffing needs
  • Providers are large corporations
  • Provide on-site personnel
  • Use a Self-Perform model
  • Management fees are included

Standard Janitorial Companies

Standard Janitorial Companies
Best for smaller, homogenous sites 
  • Offer cleaning services only
  • Take a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Use a Master Franchise model
  • Lack technology and oversight

Independent Companies

Independent Companies
Best for smaller, single locations
  • Include patchwork of providers
  • Take a location-specific approach
  • Inconsistent service models
  • Lack integrated technology tools

OpenWorks Takes a Different Approach

OpenWorks is uniquely suited to service multi-site, growth-oriented businesses. Our clients include healthcare clinics that demand sanitary environments; logistics providers that cannot afford interruptions due to regulatory shutdowns; educational institutions that require compliance to protect the kids and families they serve; and property management companies that command higher rent even though a receding economy looms.

While other providers offer a minimum viable service through a one-size-fits-all or blanket approach to commercial cleaning and your operation, OpenWorks is different. OpenWorks provides operational oversight and consistency for your buildings while professional franchise owners and service providers focus on making your facilities safer, cleaner, compliant, efficient, and profitable.

OpenWorks is the only facility management company to provide a personal approach to your sites, offering a variety of facility services through commercial cleaning franchisees and highly vetted independent businesses. This oversight model provides consistency of quality and reliability across each of your sites.

“Our process is regulated, and it’s critical to be organized and compliant. From the facility perspective, having OpenWorks maintain our buildings is huge when we have FDA inspections.”

Matt Kolenda, Jillamy

Learn how Jillamy improved regulatory compliance and employee absenteeism with the help of OpenWorks.

Jillamy Story
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OpenWorks has a 99% customer retention rate. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee. Get started today!

OpenWorks Gives You Total Quality Assurance – TQA

Our unique business model ensures consistency, reliability, and personalized service. Through national resources and oversight, local service providers and robust technology platforms, you reduce risks associated with managing in-house teams and with other providers that apply a blanket approach to your facility operations. The OpenWorks approach removes risk and provides you with piece of mind. We call this Total Quality Assurance, or TQA.

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Independent Service Providers

Our proven process leverages a partner network of commercial cleaning franchises and contractors at each of your sites. These professional providers follow a consistent process and have a vested interest in the quality of your service, your success and satisfaction. Therefore, you receive personal, site-specific service.

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Direct Operational Oversight

We ensure the success of our service providers while building direct relationships with our customers. OpenWorks regional performance managers and our centralized support team work to understand your business needs. We serve as your single point-of-contact ensuring consistency across all your facility needs.

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Proven Execution Process

Most facility service and cleaning providers take one-size-fits-all or fragmented approaches that result in a minimum viable service. The OpenWorks 5-step process delivers consistency tailored to the unique needs of your business. We can then efficiently scale to other site regions and with additional services. 

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TQA Backed by Technology

OpenWorks uses the latest cleaning technology and techniques. In addition, the OpenWorks Portal provides real-time insights to help you make data-driven decisions to improve service outcomes. You receive a 360-degree view of your facility health, work orders, service confirmations, and more.

More Than a Commercial Cleaning Company

The OpenWorks story begins in 1983, when Eric Roudi, then a recent Tufts University graduate, was faced with a challenge. He had just earned his college diploma, and due to an economic recession, he could not find gainful employment. However, he was, and continues to be driven by the belief that if you have the smarts to make things happen and work hard, you can achieve the American dream. So, he launched a business that combined a commercial cleaning company with a franchise system. And OpenWorks was born. 

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