Consistency, Communication and Responsiveness Are Keys to Jillamy’s Facility Management

OpenWorks Reduces Stress at Jillamy

Third-party logistics provider, Jillamy no longer stresses whether the company’s offices will be clean during OSHA and FDA inspections and client visits. They also feel confident they’ve done enough to prevent workplace exposure during COVID and flu outbreaks.

“It’s just that much easier for us to invite people in, to let them see our warehouse, to let them see one of our operating locations, or to let them see our headquarters here,” Matt Kolenda, national project manager said.

A customer case study from OpenWorks describes how Jillamy employees benefit from a clean work environment that has reduced workplace exposure to illnesses. The case study also describes how communication and consistency help Jillamy maintain an orderly work environment.

“I can go to OpenWorks, tell them what is needed. They comeback to me saying it’s going to be fixed. I can then go out to my employees and say, ‘it will be fixed going forward, 100 percent,’ and rarely have any issues after that.”

OpenWorks franchisees know their way around Jillamy’s facilities – they know what products are needed and they know Jillamy’s people, Kolenda says. This helps the company stay compliant, healthy and productive with minimal issues.

Learn more about how OpenWorks helps Jillamy attain a cleaner and more organized work environment in their offices and how important that is for the company’s long-term goals for growing its business in providing full-service third-party logistics.


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