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The Most Efficient Supply Chain Facilities Reach Beyond Technology

We are evolving as a society every day. And our buildings reflect that. But, when we lose site of the basics, technology means nothing. Here's why.

Spring Has Sprung! It’s Time for Your Building’s Cleaning Refresh

Happy spring! You know what that means! The grime and damage that's been hiding under the winter snow is making itself seen. Here's how to tackle it!

Do Not Go In There! Why Public Restroom Cleaning is a Job for the Professionals

When it comes to cleaning a public restroom, the task is best left to the professionals. With almost 80,000 distinct types of bacteria and viruses, you must take heed.


In the world of FM, risk is everywhere you turn. That’s why OpenWorks is harnessing the power of data to help customers.

Championing Women in Facilities Management

Women are making strides in taking the facilities management (FM) industry to new heights –but you can take it further. Here are specific ways to champion women in your company.

The Surprising Way a Master Franchise Works

The Master Franchise model is unique in franchising. It’s so unique only a few franchisors even offer it. Find out the details and how it differs from the OpenWorks franchise model.

3 Real-World Examples of How Your Facilities Are Adding Risk to Your Operations

A facilities management vendor should consider each building when it comes to serving multiple sites. A blanket approach is disastrous to profits and operations.

Understanding Business and Personal Credit

If you're considering becoming a small business owner, you need business credit. But how do you get it if you are in the early stages of building?

Welcome to the Office of the (Near) Future

Building managers be aware! There’s been change in the working world. Offices look different and values have shifted. Adjust accordingly.

OpenWorks Versus Independent Contractor Companies

Hiring an independent company to oversee your facilities management or to clean your buildings? Make sure you have the info you need about this type of company's capacity.

OpenWorks Versus Traditional Facility Management Companies

Is traditional facility management the way to go for servicing your buildings? Unless you're managing an airport or stadium, it may not be for you.

OpenWorks Versus Standard Janitorial Companies

Can a standard janitorial company help you take care of your buildings? A standard janitorial company may not be what you need.

Are You Protected From These 5 Types of Risk?

Your FM company should do more than manage and clean. It should protect you. Here are 5 types of risk you need to be protected against.