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We Don’t Take Risks With Your Operation

Your industry works behind the scenes to ensure our supply chain runs smoothly. If it doesn’t, the outcome can be catastrophic. Your supply chain facilities including warehouses, distribution centers, and vital forward-stocking locations require a specialized approach to facilities services. This is because the industry has its nuances, needs, and compliance regulations.

OpenWorks is experienced with supply chain facilities and knows what’s at stake when all tasks are not completed correctly. We remove operational risks for logistics companies and their customers by using best practices within the industry while tailoring our work to the needs of each of your buildings.

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Preventing an FDA Shutdown

When a food distributor serving the West Coast turned to a traditional facility management company, they lost millions of dollars and precious time.

The requirements at its locations and buildings differed with individual freezer sections, dairy, and meat storage. The conditions and regulations for each site required different cleaning methods and services, yet the traditional facility service provider offered an attractive price with the intent of streamlining these services.

Within 60 days, the food supplier’s operations were at risk of a shut-down by the FDA. This also placed vital clients including manufacturers, restaurants, and fast food chains at risk. 

Preventing Supply Chain Disruptions

Jillamy—one of the largest transportation carriers within Mode Global had its entire operations put at risk due to employee illness and FDA inspections during COVID.

The 3PL was trying to grow its pick-and-pack services for a large, international supplier of cough drops and confectionery products. This required adherence to strict FDA storage and handling regulations.

While other providers treated each of their locations the same, OpenWorks franchisees understood the health and safety needs of their sites. Keeping Jillamy’s sites clean, germ-free, and up to regulatory standards helped the company continue to operate during a challenging time.

Commercial cleaning and janitorial services
Preventing railroad union issues

Preventing Harmful Union Issues

Workers demand safe, clean, and organized places to work. And rightly so. It is as true for a business office as it is for a railroad provider.

One of the largest railroad providers operating in the Northeast and Midwest had issues when employees complained about delivery service at their Syracuse location due to the facility’s condition.

The employees requested a clean, orderly facility with consistency of service. When the union stepped in, these issues could have led to strikes. Averting these strikes through enhanced facility maintenance provided by OpenWorks, was essential to preventing nationwide operational disruptions and negative impacts to the railroad’s brand.

Your Customers Want On Time and In Full Delivery

Disruptions within your supply chain facilities can include government regulation noncompliance, employee strikes, absenteeism, and injuries. These can all result in delayed product delivery. These disruptions lead to the loss of countless customers, sales, and competitive advantage.

It’s no wonder that Expense Reduction Analysts show that fewer than 30 percent of supply chain contracts are annually renewed as companies focus on costs, product quality, and on-time, in-full (OTIF) service performance.

Transportation companies have unique needs. They must consistently do the following:

  • Maintain a safe and orderly work environment
  • Stay vigilant for the unexpected
  • Create an exceptional experience for the driver

Maintenance of transportation facilities is mission critical. Without a comprehensive facility management program, there is a dangerous risk of employee absenteeism and turnover, compliance audit exposure, driver dissatisfaction, and lost customers.

Specializing in Highly Specific Facility Needs

OpenWorks provides a single source for commercial cleaning and facility services tailored to the needs of depots, warehouses, and fulfillment centers.

Choosing the right facility management provider ensures reliable, personal attention to each site’s needs. This reduces your risk and improves your bottom line.

OpenWorks realizes that a one-size-fits-all approach to all facilities is dangerous. In addition, we intentionally focus on an integrated set of services to improve efficiency with one trusted provider. OpenWorks delivers a variety of reliable, personalized services to meet the needs of each of your sites.

  • Local OpenWorks teams work around schedules to avoid downtime or disruptions to an operation
  • Trained service providers understand the regulatory and compliance requirements of the federal, state, and transportation industries
  • Centralized service management and oversight means one point-of-contact, streamlined operations, and one source for facility data
  • Global Biorisk Advisory Council certification and EPA-approved anti-microbials help ensure complete compliance and safe environments
Commercial cleaning and janitorial services
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“I appreciate OpenWorks’ communication and eagerness to correct any issue we may have. I have gone through several cleaning and facilities services and found that OpenWorks is dedicated to a high level of service that is much appreciated.”

Debbie Davie, General Manager, Safe Harbor Marinas

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