Educational Facilities

Continuous, scheduled cleaning; deep cleaning; and overall facilities management for private and charter schools, Pre-K schools, and daycare centers across the country, giving staff and administration the ability to shape minds and futures.

Educational Facilities

Your School Should Be a Safe Space and a Point of Pride

Your school or daycare facility requires the best facility management and commercial cleaning that does the following:

  • Prevents the spread of viruses and germs with EPA List N-approved antimicrobial disinfectants.
  • Focuses on the school and facility center’s schedule, including time-sensitive needs and after-hours events.
  • Allows teachers and caregivers the ability to focus on their kids and the motivation to continue their careers at that school or location.
  • Instills pride, trust, and value to teachers, administrators, and current and future families.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the state of education felt the brunt. Individual educators are now expected to do more to keep parity from previous years as there are about 100,000 fewer educators and childcare providers than before the crisis.

With concerns increasing over worker shortages, private tuition increases limiting working families access due to cost burden, and increased attention placed on hygiene, pre-K through grade-12 schools should consolidate their facility management and commercial cleaning vendors to reduce costs, consolidate oversight, and improve site-level appeal and brand image.

When you partner with a modern, professional facilities management company that puts your students’ and teachers’ needs first, you’ll get the support, care, and exceptional cleaning you deserve.

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See what our clients have to say.

What happened when a charter management organization left OpenWorks for a lower-cost provider and put students, families, staff, and revenue at risk.

One of our clients, a charter management organization operating 55 K-8 schools in nine states, left OpenWorks for a lower-cost facility management provider. But inconsistent service impacted efficiency at one of their preschools. And inconsistent service has a far greater impact than just efficiency.

The provider lacked communication and was not responsive to school administrators. Therefore, schools weren’t getting cleaned correctly and to standards as the provider cut corners and focused solely on their profits.

  • With inconsistent service, the charter management organization was put at risk of getting shut down for not meeting licensing requirements.
  • Inconsistent service was impacting the quality of the facilities.
  • Parents would see footmarks on the walls from kids' indoor activities.
  • Bathrooms were not cleaned correctly with the right chemicals or approved processes.
  • Parent satisfaction and student retention dropped sharply as families were unenrolling.
  • Student and staff attendance declined as uncleanliness created more viral and bacterial infections, and the brand image was hurt due to negative online reviews.
  • Employee morale took a hit as staff did not want to suffer poor working conditions and the associated health risks that come with it.

While they expected cost savings, they spent more time, energy, and money keeping up with the scheduling and oversight. They returned to OpenWorks and are enjoying comprehensive and reliable services once again.

Education Facility Management Services that Keep You in Control of Your School

From teacher shortages to increasing competition from non-traditional and online education options, parents can elect for their child, educational facilities increasingly face roadblocks that threaten their bottom line.

Educational facilities face challenges that impact children’s safety, hygiene, absenteeism, and threaten the quality of education and care children receive.

Partnering with a company that understands the nuances of schools and childcare and executes a scope of work that meets individual site needs will help keep you and your community safe.

You need a facility services company that is responsive to your educational organization’s needs and can accelerate response to issues when they arise.

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Work with a Service Provider That Knows a Lack of Complaints Isn’t Necessarily Good

Just because you haven’t heard noise yet, doesn’t mean compliance and accreditation issues aren’t silently creeping up. You need to partner with a facility management company that helps you get in front of any situation before it impacts licensing regulations and is suddenly no longer following CDC guidelines.

By partnering with a facility management provider that will provide consistent quality assurance visits to uncover areas for improvement and optimization, you won’t have to fear the silence of no complaints.

Your Students, Staff, and Parents Deserve Transparent, Safe, and Regulatory-Ready Educational Facilities Management

OpenWorks helps you meet their expectations – and deliver on your educational mission – with cost-effective, transparent, and regulatory-ready educational facilities management that cleans to protect our future generations.

Our elite network of service providers understands the stringent nature of educational facility cleaning and disinfection. That’s why we:

  • Follow biomedical waste management Universal Precaution training and procedures when necessary.
  • Require OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen & Hazard Communication certification for service providers.
  • Require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Provide local and corporate oversight and OSHA-certified, insured, and bonded service providers.
  • Follow comprehensive training to meet local and state requirements.
  • Use green-certified cleaning solutions.
  • Deep clean during school breaks with InfectaGuard.
  • Offer background checks for all service providers.
  • Use an EPA List N-approved disinfectant (confirmed to eradicate SARA-CoV-2).
  • Follow continuous care with a long-lasting antibacterial coating.
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