Service Delivery

A Recipe for Facility Success

Local providers with corporate support.

A Recipe for Facility Success

A Higher Level of Service. A Higher Level of Quality.

Commercial cleaning and janitorial services are super complex to manage. They require in-depth knowledge of customer needs, industry and cleaning applications, and the ability to motivate hourly employees. In addition, you manage other service providers including landscaping, electrical, plumbing, handyman, and snow removal.

Most traditional facility management companies use a “Self-Perform” service model that can result in inconsistent service. Janitorial companies typically use a “Master Franchise” service model that places layers between the customer and the company.

The OpenWorks model is different. We provide oversight of your service providers while our commercial cleaning franchises provide personal service at each of your locations

Commercial cleaning and janitorial services

Facility Management Models

Companies performing facility services including commercial cleaning and janitorial typically follow one of three service models. With a “Self-Perform” model, the facility management company hires service employees that directly service your sites. With a “Master Franchise” model, the facility management company sells master franchises that then recruit and have oversight of other franchises that perform your work. Lastly, you may use a patchwork of independent contractors for different services at each of your locations. Each of these models can result in unreliable and inconsistent service.

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What the “Self-Perform” model does:

  • Hourly unskilled employees work directly for the FM company
  • Many workers are unmotivated and with low supervision
  • Self-perform cleaning employee turnover rates exceed 300%
  • Customers receive unreliable and inconsistent service
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What the “Master Franchise” model does:

  • Employees work within a multi-level, pyramid structure
  • The corporate entity lacks direct oversight of customer providers
  • Results in a high volume of “Mini” franchises with low accountability
  • Customers receive unreliable and inconsistent service
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What the “Independent Provider” model does:

  • Facility decisions left to local sites with no central management
  • Service accountability, quality and costs vary by site and region
  • Increased business risk due to lack of operational processes
  • Customers receive unreliable and inconsistent service
The OpenWorks model places you first, with service providers structured to meet local site needs.

The OpenWorks Model of Success

The OpenWorks model provides multiple layers of support to ensure your needs are met at a corporate level and at a site level. By consolidating your facility needs with OpenWorks, you receive service consistency across your sites and the data you need to increase efficiency. An OpenWorks operations manager provides oversight and facility expertise to ensure accountability at each of your locations while our direct franchisees and independent contractors take pride in the work performed.

We create success with ongoing customer support and if you have a complex organization, we provide an additional layer of support with a dedicated account manager for coast-to-coast service reliability. Our three pillars of support ensure corporate level consistency with the data and real-time information you need to ensure a successful facility operation. This structure results in the highest level of service quality and operational consistency across your organization.


Operations Manager

Your primary point of contact who oversees your services and the service providers working at your sites.


OpenWorks Service Provider

Service providers work directly at your sites to meet the unique and specialized needs of each location.


Customer Success Team

We provide ongoing support by phone and email to proactively assist with specific questions and needs.

The OpenWorks Customer Portal

Our portal provides open data and communication provided by each pillar of support through one pane of glass. The portal gives you access to immediate information including work order status, billing, agreements and more. This allows you to proactively manage your facilities based on real-time service information.

HomeStreet Bank

“OpenWorks has gone beyond vendor status to become a trusted, strategic partner, and they have truly earned my highest recommendation.”

George Wright, VP, Corporate Facilities Manager

Get to Know our Franchise Partners

Our franchisees work directly with OpenWorks and our mutual customers to ensure consistent success at all your sites. Our franchisees and service providers are hands-on in their businesses. They understand that the quality of their service equates to the success of their own business.

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The OpenWorks Service Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll receive a greater level of service than your current providers or in-house staff that we offer a service satisfaction guarantee.

During the first 30 days of commercial cleaning service, you can cancel service and receive a refund for the first month’s Monthly Service Charge for cleaning services up to $5,000.

Like you needed one more reason to improve your facility services, right? Well, now you have it! That’s why we enjoy a 99% customer retention rate.

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