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When minor issues become an inconvenience you can no longer stand.

Commercial building maintenance

Address Minor Annoyances That Quickly lead to Major and Expensive Issues

With so many other tasks and details to handle in managing and running your business or organization, the last thing you want to deal with is a leaky faucet, a broken toilet, cracked tiles, faulty outlets, and flickering or dead lights. But you know those issues, left unaddressed, will only lead to more significant problems, which ultimately means more money.

OpenWorks commercial handyman and building maintenance service providers offer maintenance and facility repair services that can repair leaky faucets, broken toilets, cracked tiles, faulty outlets, and flickering lights. Don’t wait any longer. All those little annoyances can be fixed quickly and easily!

Rely on us to follow your state’s licensing, insurance, and legal requirements

One of the challenges of getting something minor fixed is the paperwork and red tape that goes with it. Each US state carries different requirements for licensing, experience, and insuring commercial handyman services and repairs. The good news is that OpenWorks handles all the legal requirements for you. And more great news: if something requires more work when it's being worked on, OpenWorks will help you out there, too! Does your flickering light need more electrical work than a handyman can handle? We’ll get you to the next step. Pretty handy, wouldn’t you say?

Handyman fixing sink drain
Maintenance person fixing water leak

Trained and Licensed and so much More

You’ll only get the best when you work with us. We’ve vetted each worker to make sure they’re up to par—no need for you to take time to search, interview, and read reviews. With OpenWorks, expect 5-star work every time. If your facility requires ongoing, regular maintenance, we have you covered there! We will work with you to get you the precise level of service you need. You won’t pay for more than you need! From damaged drywall to junk hauling services, our experienced network of licensed contractors can help you do it all. Just imagine your facility with no more unsightly issues. Those items can give guests and customers the wrong idea about you. You want a building that reflects your values; you want a building that reflects trust. OpenWorks can help you show the public that your priorities are in the right place—right where you work.

When minor repairs uncover more significant issues, it’s essential to get those taken care of, too. OpenWorks can help secure the next step, too. You don’t have to go it alone.

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Light electrical maintenance

Some states have exemptions to electrician licensing requirements for specific tasks such as installing electrical connections for heating and air-conditioning when licensed air-conditioning and refrigeration contractors do that work. OpenWorks service providers can provide light electrical maintenance services that don’t require licensed electricians, such as changing lights and ballasts and installing light switches and outlets. But if a licensed electrician is required, OpenWorks can look for the right licensed contractor based on your criteria and state regulations and handle the scheduling.

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Exterior maintenance

Mother Nature can be hard on your building’s exterior, particularly during storms. When the storms are over, OpenWorks handyman services can complete temporary repairs to wind or water damage until insurance adjustors can survey the damage and arrange more extensive repairs. OpenWorks can also arrange for gutter cleaning and other exterior maintenance tasks that should be completed periodically, such as power washing to remove unsightly mildew buildup from building exteriors.

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Interior maintenance

OpenWorks handyman service providers have trained personnel to complete such tasks as repair floors, patch holes, fix cracked doors and window framing, replace door handles, and fix tables, chairs, and other furniture.

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Lock and door hardware replacement

Broken door hardware and faulty or unsecured locks are issues that can quickly lead to potential injuries among workers and visitors or significant losses to opportunistic thieves. OpenWorks commercial handyman services can repair broken door hardware and replace faulty locks.

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Minor tenant improvements

When your business or organization needs to repaint walls, install new shelving, or make other changes to enhance the workplace or to provide an improved customer experience, OpenWorks commercial handyman services can handle all the details for you.

A Trusted Partner

OpenWorks treats you and your facility with respect and appreciation. We’re also proud to be an award-winning company with long-term members with some of the most trusted associations in the United States.

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