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Your Profitability is Our Priority

When can a big number appear small? Commercial cleaning can appear as 2-5% of the total budget when the C-suite reviews the budget sheet. But, while that may seem small on paper, those costs go much deeper than that. Many expensive risks are hiding under that seemingly small percentage. 

Your attention to cleaning and maintenance directly impacts manufacturing operations and profitability. The faster you turn your inventory, the better your profitability. In fact, there’s a 77% correlation between inventory turns and profits.

If you want a strong P&L, there are a couple of things you need:

  • Dedicated Employees
  • Increased Safety
  • Enhanced Cleanliness
  • An Efficient Operations Flow

When you have a structured commercial cleaning schedule customized to your building’s needs, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your facility running at its optimum speed.

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Production Disruptions Hurt Your Profit Margins

Disruptions due to government regulation noncompliance, employee strikes, employee absenteeism, injuries, and impediment in the movement of goods results in production and delivery delays.

These disruptions lead to the loss of countless customers, sales, and competitive advantage. Manufacturers can reduce risk of disruption to their plant, warehouse, fulfillment centers, and transportation network with the right facility management partner.

Proper facility maintenance including commercial cleaning, electrical service and pest control help remove risk and assure you’re running at optimum efficiency. Your facility management partner should provide consistency across your locations while accounting for the specific needs of each site.

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Don’t Treat All Buildings the Same

When a nationwide food packager had a traditional facility management company come on board to take care of its distribution centers, they lost millions of dollars and precious time.

The food packager unwittingly risked its reputation by treating all the distribution centers equally. In this case, one warehouse required special attention due to its cold storage.

Find out what happened after the food packager almost had an FDA violation on their hands due to a facility management company’s lack of multi-site knowledge. OpenWorks helped turn the operation around through corporate oversight and governance, and local service providers that could meet the unique needs of their operation.

OpenWorks is Different

OpenWorks provides a single source for commercial cleaning and facility services tailored to the needs of plants, warehouses, and fulfillment centers.

OpenWorks realizes that a one-size-fits-all approach to all facilities is dangerous. In addition, we intentionally focus on an integrated set of services to improve efficiency with one trusted provider. OpenWorks delivers a variety of reliable, personalized services to meet the needs of each of your sites.

  • Local OpenWorks teams work around schedules to avoid downtime or disruptions to an operation.
  • Trained service providers understand the state and federal regulatory and compliance requirements for manufacturing.
  • We partner to understand your business and your site’s unique needs with centralized management and oversight. 
  • Global Biorisk Advisory Council certification and EPA-approved anti-microbials ensure compliance and safety.
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“The level of service has been stellar with OpenWorks. Not only does the staff at our facility do what is in our statement of work, but they are incredibly friendly as well. They feel as if they are part of our company. Most facility agencies simply are invisible.”


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