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Assure your facility is pest- and rodent-free at all times

Facility Pest Control

Remove Risks Associated with Pest Control, Compliance, Injuries, and Escalating Repair Costs

OpenWorks helps companies remove risks associated with compliance, injuries, and escalating repair costs through a comprehensive facility services program. Simplify your operation through one facility partner that works with you to create consistency across your locations while meeting the specific needs of each site.

Receive consolidated services, including janitorial, landscaping, pest control, handyman, supplies, and more, with one point of contact and a data platform that improves oversight and greater efficiency.

Read on to find out how our pest control services can keep your facility safe from insects and other pests that can hurt your facility’s image and safety.

Rodent Control

Finding Solutions When Pests are Bugging You

Pest control is among the most critical aspects of good facilities or building operations management. Nobody wants to get that call or email about ants, rats, mice, spiders, cock roaches, termites, scorpions, or other vermin.

Once pests find their way into your facility, they can be challenging to eliminate. Systematic inspections for possible pest infestations and entry points at regular intervals can help you avoid those embarrassing complaints

We will provide ways to meet your pest control management goals by offering reliable personalized attention through trained service providers. OpenWorks and its providers focus on environmentally healthy approaches to keeping pests at bay.

Integrated Pest Control

OpenWorks has access to hundreds of trained and vetted professional service and pest control providers across the United States.

After listening to your concerns and giving your property a thorough inspection, our elite service providers treat your facility from top to bottom to form a barrier that deters pests and prevents damage. They then focus on localized infestations and other problem areas, ensuring all immediate issues are neutralized.

Once your immediate concerns are resolved, our providers work with you to develop an ongoing pest control maintenance and treatment plan that meets your specific needs and budget, ensuring that the reason you called us in the first place doesn’t happen again. Through an integrated facility management program, you have one point-of-contact for all of your locations and services.

Pest Control Spraying

Get integrated pest control and facilities management with one vendor. Rid yourself of multiple companies that are simply checking the boxes. We’ll work with you as a partner to reach your facility’s goals.

Bee Removal Icon

Bee Removal

As urban beekeeping has increased in popularity, the potential for bees to make a home in your facility can present a quandary. Since bees are critical pollinators, extermination is not an option. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We can help by locating trained service providers for this specialized service.

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Wasp & Hornet Control

Most calls about stinging insects are about wasps and hornets. Unlike bees with queens to protect, wasps are solitary and don’t usually present a threat unless provoked. While less aggressive than wasps, hornets, like bees, are social – so they can swarm when provoked, and their stings can be more painful because of the chemicals found in hornet venom. We’ll find you a provider that takes great care with environmental pest control measures to avoid harming pollinators.

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Roach Control

Because of their skill in moving from place to place and their prolific breeding, cockroaches can present some of the greatest challenges in commercial pest control. Our providers use various environmentally responsible extermination methods to eliminate cockroaches and recommend measures to make your facility much less accessible to future roach infestations.

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Scorpion Control

Despite their menacing appearance and reputation for deadly stings, most North American species are not deadly to human beings, with a few exceptions, such as the Arizona bark scorpion (especially in older adults and babies). We can offer environmentally responsible extermination options and prevention programs to eliminate areas that can harbor these nocturnal pests and entry points where they could get into your facility. (Available in some areas of the country).

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Ant Control

Depending on the species, ants can present various issues. With about 12,000 species of ants on the planet, that list of issues can range in severity from nuisance to fatal. Among the most dangerous ants in the United States are fire ants, which sting more than 14 million people annually. We can identify the ant species and develop a reliable personalized program to treat and eliminate the problem and prevent them from returning.

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Rodent Services

The two most common rodents – the house mouse (mus domesticus) and Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), are the most destructive. Because their front teeth continue growing throughout their lifetime, they must constantly gnaw on any nearby object or materials.

Since rodents can carry several human diseases, such as typhus, leptospirosis, rat bite fever, rabies, hantavirus, and bubonic plague, commercial rodent control is required by local health inspectors. We’ll work with you to identify the species involved, develop a reliable personalized program to treat and eliminate them and prevent them from returning.

A Trusted Partner

OpenWorks treats you and your facility with respect and appreciation. We’re also proud to be an award-winning company with long-term members with some of the most trusted associations in the United States.

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