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Landscape Maintenance

Because the outside tells a story of what to expect inside

Landscape Maintenance

Remove Risks Associated with Compliance, Injuries, and Escalating Repair Costs

OpenWorks helps companies remove risks associated with compliance, injuries, and escalating repair costs through a comprehensive facility services program. Simplify your operation through one facility partner that works with you to create consistency across your locations while meeting the specific needs of each site.

Receive consolidated services, including janitorial, landscaping, pest control, handyman, supplies, and more, with one point of contact and a data platform that improves oversight and greater efficiency.

Read on to find out how our landscaping services can help you show your facility’s dedication to a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Maintaining Landscaping

Creating and Maintaining an Escaping Landscape

Looking for a landscaping management provider that can help you escape high landscape maintenance costs or create an escaping landscape to wow visitors affordably?

OpenWorks can help you find the right look that’s perfect for you. But why is landscaping such an important consideration?

It can help address environmental problems by purifying the soil and the air. It can protect water resources by conserving water and preventing erosion, which can otherwise lead to sedimentation in waterways. Proper landscaping also helps control pests – including bugs and rodents that live in unkempt foliage.

Creating atmosphere and a whole lot more

Landscapes can also reduce stress among employees and create “heat islands” to reduce the energy required for air conditioning.

OpenWorks has access to hundreds of trained service providers across the United States to accomplish your landscape and landscaping maintenance goals. We can seamlessly add landscaping and landscape management services if you have a facilities management service contract through OpenWorks.

We strive to offer you one point of contact by coordinating services with one vendor that does it all. That’s OpenWorks. Opening your world to ease and efficiency.

Landscape Atmosphere

Get landscape maintenance with one vendor. Rid yourself of multiple companies that are simply checking the boxes. We’ll work with you as a partner to reach your facility’s goals.

Mowing & Trimming Icon

Mowing & Trimming

Finding a landscaping management vendor that can also provide lawn care services means you have one point of contact. That’s what OpenWorks can offer –landscaping expertise and expert lawn care services to create a beautiful landscape that will look good year-round.



Landscape edging can create clean lines between ornamental beds and lawns and prevent grass and sediment from spreading onto sidewalks and parking lots.

Blowing sidewalks and parking lots Icon

Blowing Sidewalks & Parking Lots

Regular cleaning of sidewalks and parking lots can improve the look of your facility on the outside and in the interior, as there will be fewer materials for people to track into the building as they enter. This can also reduce the amount of sedimentation and refuse entering storm drains, which could lead to stormwater pollution and more standing water during storms.

Turf & Ornamental Maintenance Icon

Turf & Ornamental Maintenance

Achieving proper separation of turf and ornamentals can create beautiful landscapes that are far easier to maintain over the long term. OpenWorks partners can help you achieve that proper balance.

Seasonal Color Design & Installation of Flowers - annuals & perennials Icon

Seasonal Color Design & Installation of Flowers – (annuals and perennials)

OpenWorks partners can work with you to establish a plan to add plants, shrubs and trees that can bloom at different times of the year so your landscape can feature seasonal colors and aromas throughout the year.

Tree and shrub trimming & spot pruning up to 8 feet Icon

Tree & Shrub Trimming and Spot Pruning – (up to 8 feet)

Pruning trees and shrubs at the right time of year ensures new growth that will have time to harden before winter sets in.

Prune Groundcover Icon

Prune Groundcover

OpenWorks partners are trained service providers who know when and how to prune trees, plants, and ground cover and why so that your landscaping goals can be achieved. Through reliable personalized service, OpenWorks partners get to know you and your landscaping goals.

 Police the grounds Icon

Police the Grounds

Ground policing offers reliable personalized attention during winter (typically December through March). It can help your company deal with debris removal and storm and rodent damage at a time when there are fewer eyes on the ground.

Fertilizing - 2x annual Icon

Fertilizing – (twice a year)

Proper fertilization helps plants and trees absorb the proper nutrients to remain healthy and strong all year round. OpenWorks partners can recommend proper soil testing to determine what fertilizers will work best for plants, trees, and the environment.

Aeration- 2 x annually Icon

Aeration – (twice a year)

Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This eliminates excess lawn thatch, preventing essential elements from being absorbed by the grass roots and producing a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Pre-emergent and Post-emergent weed control 2x annually Icon

Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent

We’ll treat the weeds that have yet to bloom and those that are already there. This treatment is key to keeping up with unwanted growth.

Weed Control - applied by licensed service provider Icon

Weed Control – (twice a year)

Applying herbicides can efficiently and effectively rid landscapes of weeds once they have established themselves. But weed control doesn’t necessitate the use of herbicides. Many pre-emergent alternatives to herbicides exist that can prevent their establishment and are friendly to the environment.

Mulch (optional) Icon


Adding mulch to landscapes can make them more hospitable and healthier for plants. Think of it as protection for your company’s landscaping investment. Good mulching saves water, controls weeds, enhances soil fertility, and improves the look of your facility. OpenWorks partners with facility maintenance companies and vendors who can help you determine when to apply it and the best methods and materials.

Irrigation systems & Water Management  - (optional) Icon

Irrigation Systems

Global warming, recent drought conditions, increased population, and public demand for water resources have raised concerns about water scarcity. OpenWorks vendors can install and manage an irrigation system to decrease water usage and reduce environmental damage through runoff.

Irrigation systems & Water Management  - (optional) Icon

Snow Removal and Ice Melt Services

Because most businesses have limited space for parking, dealing with snow can be difficult when winter storms bring heavy amounts of snowfall. Businesses may not have the space to store piles of snow until it melts away. Often snow must be scooped up and removed to another location. Ice accumulation on sidewalks and parking lots can also present injury and liability risks for employees and customers.

A Trusted Partner

OpenWorks treats you and your facility with respect and appreciation. We’re also proud to be an award-winning company with long-term members with some of the most trusted associations in the United States.

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