Meet Matisa Ullrich, Marine Corps Veteran and OpenWorks Franchisee

Each and every day, OpenWorks is proud to support US veterans as they transition out of the service and return back to their communities to serve. Meet Matisa Ullrich, a Marine Corps veteran who used the skills she learned in the service to grow her fulfilling career as an OpenWorks franchise owner.

Meet Matisa Ullrich, Marine Corps Veteran and OpenWorks Franchisee

Meet Matisa Ullrich

We’ll go back to 1999 to when Matisa began her journey in the service. Growing up in Miami, Florida, and raised primarily by her grandmother and older sisters, independence and self-reliance are two traits Matisa always has thrived on.

She began working at just 14 years old, using the funds to support the cost of her school uniform and sports fees. During her senior year of high school, always thinking one step ahead, Matisa truly began to contemplate if college loans were a possibility and if they were a responsibility she was comfortable taking on at such a young age.

After researching each branch of the service, Matisa felt most connected to the Marine Corps and swiftly deployed only weeks after graduating high school.

“I knew in my heart that was the best thing to do. My entire life has justified that I have made the correct decision.” Matisa, regarding her choice to deploy with the Marine Corps.

Throughout her eight years in the service, Matisa worked diligently to refine her skills in self-discipline, ethics, leadership, and embracing change - all of which would continue to blossom throughout her career.

Matisa met her now-husband of 16 years while deployed, having the first of her three children while overseas. The familiarity and stability within a government job comforted Matisa once she returned to the States.

She chose to embark on a new career with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), beginning first in California and then moving to the outer Washington, D.C. area after a year to be closer to her family on the East Coast.

Realigning Her Career

A government shutdown in 2011 soon created an unpredictable working environment for Matisa and she was furloughed, losing an entire month of pay. But, relying on her roots of always remaining independent and self-reliant, Matisa created her own employment opportunity to provide for her family.

“I started by cleaning my friend’s businesses, then I moved onto small businesses, then medical clinics - all were referrals. I asked myself “Why don’t I start doing a little bit more?” and it grew from there.” Matisa, speaking about beginning her cleaning business after a government furlough in 2011.

On the weekends and even after working long hours in her office job, Matisa regularly incorporated her side hustle into her everyday life after the furlough ended. Rumors of another government shutdown in 2014ignited a flame in Matisa to expand her business from four medical clinics and a handful of home cleanings to a larger customer base.

She put out a call to order and was delightfully met by a large non-profit organization wanting to utilize her cleaning services five days a week.

Change is Necessary to Grow

As a team of one, Matisa completed almost every role of her business and was soon stretched thin. It became more difficult for her to bring in larger clients and increased revenue. Matisa began contemplating franchising opportunities that would allow for this type of growth. She felt stuck.

“Even after reaching out to recruiting companies, I could never find a strong lead.” Matisa, speaking about her struggle trying to grow her business prior to joining OpenWorks.

Enter: OpenWorks, a national leader in facilities management. After taking the plunge to partner her existing cleaning business with OpenWorks, Matisa has been able to receive the tools and resources she needed to scale and truly grow.

Her team now services 23 clients, including vet clinics, medical clinics, schools, non-profits, and more, and continues to expand her portfolio and business.

Become Your Own Boss Like Matisa

OpenWorks is proud to support veterans like Matisa transitioning into commercial cleaning franchise business ownership. From Day One, you can enjoy low up-front costs, comprehensive business support, customers provided by OpenWorks, and unlimited growth potential.

OpenWorks also offers a discount on the entire franchise cost for United States active military and veterans. Speak with a Franchise Specialist to take the first step toward your career as a business owner.

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