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OpenWorks enjoys a 99% customer retention rate

The OpenWorks support system places customers at the center of the process. Our support system and technology are unique and built for you. It is why OpenWorks enjoys a 99% customer retention rate.

OpenWorks has a 99% customer retention rate

Three Pillars of Support

It's the people at OpenWorks that help our customers succeed. This is part of our structure, our process, and our culture. This customer success system includes three levels of support:

  1. OpenWorks Performance Manager: You build a direct relationship with an OpenWorks Performance Manager who oversees the service providers working at all your sites. The Performance Manager is a day-to-day resource that provides oversight of your providers and works directly with you to ensure quality and responsiveness.
  2. OpenWorks Service Provider: At the site level, you work directly with OpenWorks franchise owners and providers who personally strive to meet the unique and specialized needs of each location. Our providers complete weekly supervisor audits with a dedicated on-site team and monthly quality assurance checks with each customer.
  3. OpenWorks Customer Experience: Our knowledgeable and capable support staff are available by phone and email whether you need service, have a billing question, or need an update. If you are a national customer, a dedicated account manager works with you to ensure consistency with quarterly reviews and proactive operational reporting.

360 Degrees of Facility Health Through One Pane of Glass

Your success depends on reliable service partners. The OpenWorks portal provides real-time data and centralized visibility to ensure every job is completed successfully and on time.

  • View which services are scheduled, started, and completed
  • Create work orders, support tickets, and service schedules
  • Manage account balances, payments, and invoices
  • View status and updates for open service tickets
  • Review current contracts and agreements
  • Order supplies with preferred pricing and direct shipping
  • Calendar showing services scheduled by day (coming soon)

You'll never again second guess if tasks were completed with the care and quality you expect and require, making your job easier. Save time, improve your operation, and reduce costs with the OpenWorks portal. 

OpenWorks has a 99% customer retention rate

OpenWorks by the Numbers

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Delivering Consistent, Quality Services

When a new customer joins us, we take a personal approach to their onboarding. A five-step process assures that our customers have visibility into service performance and that the facility services are optimized for their specific sites. Each step of onboarding is an important part of our goal to deliver consistent quality services that exceed your expectations.

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  1. Solution Design: At the beginning of the process, our subject matter experts work to understand your unique business. They then collaborate with you to create tailor-made facility management and janitorial services to ensure consistency across your locations.
  2. Robust Implementation: We conduct walkthroughs at each of your sites with the local OpenWorks franchisees that will service your locations. An OpenWorks District Manager serves as your primary point of contact to ensure consistent, reliable service whether you have regional or nationwide locations.
  3. Standardized Delivery: From NY to LA, all your facilities receive consistent quality service you can count on. While we provide reliable operational processes across your sites, we also work to understand specific, site-level needs and proactively certify that each location operates flawlessly.
  4. Meticulous Quality Assurance: We inspect our work at the local level, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your services. While our independent providers meet the needs of your locations, OpenWorks field staff and technology platforms provide oversight of all sites we manage.
  5. Service Optimization: We start our process by optimizing services by region and scaling throughout your locations for consistency and operational efficiency. While other providers use a blanket or fragmented approach to facility management, we unify your services while understanding your unique needs.
OpenWorks has a 99% customer retention rate. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Get started today!

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