Demand for Commercial Cleaning Services Soars During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic hit most businesses very hard. However one type of business that has experienced an increase in demand is commercial cleaning. Because commercial cleaning is considered an essential service, these service providers companies must continue to operate, even during a shutdown. In most states, businesses that remain open or prepare to re-open are faced with stricter cleaning and disinfection requirements imposed by their local and state health departments. If you're looking to start your own small business in an ever-growing recession-resistant industry, read on to learn about commercial cleaning franchise.

The Rise of Commercial Cleaning Services 

Businesses begin to reopen and change their day to day operations as the COVID-19 pandemic goes on. The demand for commercial cleaning services has continued to rise. Businesses that may not have had strict sanitation rules in the past are now faced with having to clean daily. Office buildings, factories, restaurants, and warehouses have to maintain a rigorous cleaning schedule in order to stay open. 

Start Your Own Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Commercial cleaning is a necessary service for businesses, even beyond COVID-19 pandemic. If you've thought of opening your own business, a commercial cleaning business may be right for you.

A franchise start-up works a little differently than a traditional one. With a franchise start-up, you pay a small start-up fee and can get started right away. The franchisor is there to support you and give you the opportunity build and grow your business without spending years creating systems and prospecting new clients. 

Benefits of Being Your Own Boss 

We all love the idea of being our own boss, but often the thought of actually owning a business is considered unattainable. With a franchise business, you will have the flexibility of running your own company while having the consistent support of your franchisor. 

Below are some reasons why having a commercial cleaning business can be very lucrative:

  1. Consistent Work: Businesses always need their buildings and bathrooms cleaned but during a pandemic, the need for frequent cleaning and disinfection increases substantially. Not only will they need deep cleanings scheduled, but if an employee tests positive for COVID-19, they need additional disinfection services. If you build strong relationships with your clients during this time, they will likely remain engaged when the regulations become less strict.                   
  2. No Previous Experience Needed: You don't need previous experience to start your own commercial cleaning business. Having the drive to be your own boss and provide these much needed services to your community is all you need!
  3. Ease of Hiring: If you decide to hire people to help you grow your business and bring in more clients, they will not need any formal education. Instead, you can conduct training on the job. Since much of your work will be done after business hours when the buildings are closed, you can even hire people looking for a second job. 
  4. Low Expenses: The bulk of your costs will be associated with cleaning supplies and equipment. Partnering with a franchisor that provides the tools you need at start-up eliminates that hefty initial cost to get your business started.                                                                
  5. Flexibility: Even if you start your business with the franchise model, you're not someone's employee. You will set your own schedule, allowing you to spend valuable time with your friends and family, and do the things you love. 

How to Stand Out 

Staying up to date on the ever-evolving laws and guidelines around workplace sanitation in your local area will give you a competitive advantage. Already having a plan in place will ensure that you keep your current clients happy and bring in new ones. 

Another way to set yourself apart from the competition is being environmentally friendly. Using EPA approved green cleaning products whenever possible will appeal to many businesses. They will know that you are mindful of the impact on the environment and their employees' health. Showing you're environmentally aware is a great way to stand out from the crowd. 

Get Started Today

The need for commercial cleaning services will only continue to grow. Businesses will always need to be cleaned. Starting your own commercial cleaning franchise is a great way to gain independence for yourself. There are so many advantages and you can get started on your way to being an entrepreneur today! 

If you'd like to speak with someone about turning your dream into a reality, contact us today and we will get you the information you need at no charge. 

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