3 of the Many Reasons Why In-House Cleaning Crews Just Don’t Make Sense

As a building owner or facility manager, you have so much to think about and maintain–especially in this volatile economy. Tenant turnover, budget cuts, and market changes can impact your day-to-day operations and often create unnecessary anxiety for everyone involved. The good news? There’s never been a better time to outsource your facility’s cleaning crew.

1. Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all, It Just Makes Sense

Managing a team is expensive! Between health and liability insurance, employee vacations, absences, turnover, training, payroll taxes and expenses, and on top of it all workers comp claims, you’re already racking up thousands in charges before even beginning to calculate the cost of equipment, cleaning products, and supplies.

 By outsourcing your facility’s cleaning crew, you’re able to save on the expense of in-house employees without impacting the care and cleanliness of your facility. And, the good doesn’t stop there. The benefits of outsourcing your facility’s management services go far beyond simple cost savings.

2. The Nature of Specialization: Learning to Let the Experts Be the Expert

Why waste hours (if not days, or even weeks) of your life training the ins and outs of cleaning and maintaining your facility when you could hire an all-in-one team?

 An outsourced cleaning crew lets you focus on your own core competencies while receiving access to resources and skills that take years to develop.

Having the right tools, equipment, and knowledge are crucial to properly clean and maintain a facility. Outsourced facility management providers, like OpenWorks, provide their own professional equipment that is newer, and more efficient than what you have in your old janitorial closet.

And, thanks to outsourcing, you don’t need to be the one in charge of figuring out when this equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. Or, furthermore, where you need to store it! (Not to mention avoiding risk by being shut down by a regulating body if you're not storing chemicals correctly.)

3. Scheduling Worries and Team Dynamics: Two Bridges You Won’t Need to Cross Any Longer

Have you ever had to ask your coworker to go unclog your toilet? Awkwardly wait for someone to unload the coffee pod you forgot to throw away that morning? Wonder why dust is beginning to collect, only to realize that most of your company is on an all-in retreat out of town?

Everyone deserves to have a work environment they feel comfortable in. Coverage concerns during busy periods are eliminated entirely, your team can focus on increasing their own efficiency and productivity, and your newly outsourced cleaning crew has the flexibility to meet your changing needs and business conditions.

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