5 Crucial Employee-Focused Reasons for Keeping a Workplace Professionally Clean

There are several responsibilities one must manage when running a business: Advertising, bookkeeping, and taxes, just to name a few. What usually gets overlooked by business owners? Workplace cleanliness.

Workplace cleanliness isn't just necessary for sanitation purposes. Cleanliness in the workplace has a large effect on the overall productivity of employees and work-related projects. In fact, recent studies show emotional health and cleanliness are more closely related than previously understood.

All those stories you’re hearing about employee burnout? Keeping a clean office or workspace can help prevent it.

Here are 5 ways a clean office can help keep employees safe, productive, and happy.

  1. Improves Employee Attendance

The average American spends more than 90,000 hours of their life in the workplace. It’s important to keep it clean because we are all influenced by the environments we live and breathe. In fact, workplace cleanliness helps reduce the number of sick days employees take. If your employees are healthy, they are less likely to miss work due to illness.  

Covid-19 raised awareness of the importance of regular cleanings. As the workday moves on from morning to late afternoon, the risk of encountering germs increases. This means it’s vital that your workplace gets frequent cleanings throughout the day.

  1. Keeps Employees Focused

Many individuals become stressed out and anxious when their environment is less-than-clean. The human brain can hold an exorbitant amount of information, but it can also be thrown off by the most discreet of distractions.  
Cleanliness reduces clutter. And when clutter is reduced, the brain can better concentrate on the task at hand. In essence, by cleaning your workplace regularly, you improve the focus of your employees.

  1. Improves Customer Satisfaction

The cleanliness of your facility is a direct reflection of your company or institution. Your visitors expect a clean environment and unkept buildings are an indication of the quality of service you provide. In addition, workplace and visitor safety is improved with clean environments. If you work in a place governed by state or federal regulations, not cleaning may turn into fines or shutdowns.  

Lastly, unhappy customers may be more agitated, demanding, and frustrated with your employees. This, in turn, could cause your employees to become frustrated and demoralized. If your employees are thrown off their day by unhappy customers, then their productivity will be greatly affected.  

  1. Keeps Injury at Bay

Sickness isn't the only damage brought on by a dirty workplace. Injury can be triggered as well. This is true whether the workplace is a low-activity office or a high-activity warehouse.

Reduce injury risk in your workplace by keeping it clean and tidy. For instance, by regularly removing slick and slippery substances from your floors, you greatly reduce the risk of employees slipping and falling. A professional cleaning services company can make sure your floors are cleaned correctly.

  1. Increases Employee Retention

If your office is not kept clean regularly, employees are less likely to want to stick around.  

When employees feel stressed, lack motivation, get sick often, or are just downright disgusted by working in a dirty office, they’re more likely to look for a job in greener pastures. Invest in keeping your current employees happy and healthy instead by keeping a clean work environment.  

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