You Don’t Have to Beware of “The Rise of The Robots”

The world, including the development of technology and robots in the workplace, is constantly evolving. As it stands today, robots are already being used in the commercial cleaning industry. While high-tech robots will never completely take over the janitorial or cleaning industries, we’re here to tell you they can be extremely helpful.

If you look at a timeline of the evolution of cleaning products and gadgets, one might find the theory of robots taking over to be an old tale. In the early 1960s, “The Jetsons” aired and depicted all kinds of futuristic gadgets, some of which many people use today. In the early 1900s, people used sand and water inside a bottle to clean it, and now there are specially designed brushes to do the job automatically.

Today there are robots to complete many tasks, including cleaning floors, folding laundry, locating victims in dangerous situations, and more. The technology used to produce these advanced technologies is constantly evolving, interconnecting, and can happen without much aid from humans. This IoT (Internet of Things) tech causes many people and business owners to fear what this means for the future of the workforce.

Managing a facility on a large scale and ensuring public health is a job to be taken seriously. Humans will always be necessary for the proper maintenance required to keep commercial buildings in order. Instead of worrying about whether robots will take over, one should consider how they can work alongside these ever-evolving technologies to complete jobs efficiently.

Cleaning crews and facility managers should consider the possibilities that could positively benefit workflow efficiency, saving time and money. With the development of ChatGPT, many business professionals are embracing emerging technology. This AI development also makes people realize how far things have come and where they could go.

Technologies like ChatGPT can be used to create cleaning schedules and complete other types of tasks. Even so, they must still be checked over by an actual human being to guarantee 100% accuracy. Humans are the brains behind technology and therefore hold the power.

Robots simply cannot mix chemicals safely or react appropriately to a cleaning job that is out of the ordinary. While robots can complete repetitive tasks to a basic degree, they lack the necessary adaptability skills required by a commercial cleaning crew. Furthermore, the attention to detail that a human being posses cannot be replicated through a robot cleaner.

Additionally, robots cannot react in an interpersonal way regarding tenants, patients, or other people in the same way that a professional commercial cleaning crew would respond. Things in everyday life disrupt the flow, and communication is required. Humans possess the skills necessary to interact, answer questions, and simply hold a conversation in a natural way, whereas robots do not.

People are living beings with the ability to think and make real-time decisions. While it is always good to have a plan, especially regarding cleaning a large-scale facility, sometimes a plan is just a guide, and other avenues will have to be pursued. Humans can divert from a plan while still sticking to the goal set beforehand. Robots are programmed; therefore, they react in a preset way which is not ideal in unpredictable situations.

Humans may take to manning high-tech cleaning machinery and embrace all emerging technology more often, but they will always be necessary when cleaning commercial-scale facilities. Robots will not take over as they lack interpersonal skills, adaptability, and more. Humans simply cannot be replicated.

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You Don’t Have to Beware of “The Rise of The Robots”

Robots in the workplace are here. While the "Rise of the Robots" has become front-page news, worry not about being replaced.
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