Welcome to the Office of the (Near) Future

Candy stations. Coffee bars. Even in-office dog parks! The 2000s Silicon Valley tech boom impacted more than just the devices we use but changed workplace design and culture altogether.  

And now, post-pandemic lifestyle changes have cemented the future of offices as we know it. As companies and their in-office workforces continue to find their new normal way of conducting business, learn how you can do the same as a building manager.

What Are Collaborative Offices (And How Do You Clean Them)?

Flexible workstations and open-floor plans attract more than the Gen Z and Millennial workforce. Gen X and Baby Boomers who have worked decades in a traditional office now can reframe how their 9-to-5 impacts their lives. They can focus on physical and mental health while increasing their productivity (and combatting the Great Resignation and quiet quitting).

A modern work environment can foster conversation in one part of the office while eliminating noise pollution in others by mixing a collaborative environment with spaces dedicated to private, uninterrupted focus. These new environments thrive on being entirely unique and fit to the individual – meaning they also need individual cleaning routines. 


“Lanes” seen in traditional cubicle layouts have been replaced with various standing or sitting desks with adjoining adaptable furniture, wall-mounted soundproof panels, a plethora of plants, and even outdoor workstations (those dog parks we mentioned earlier typically have Wi-Fi and seating).

For a professional cleaner this means instead of having 100 identical cubicles to clean, you now have 100deeply individualized spaces to keep tidy. 

Facility managers should take the time to tour the space before sending in a team of cleaning experts. You can work to have some ideas before they visit with you. Take note of how you can group or bundle sections of the office together to create efficiencies for your team.

For instance, instead of assigning one person to each “corner” of an office, consider assigning each team member to one cleaning task, like vacuuming or dusting. While the spaces they are cleaning may differ, the task they are completing remains the same.

This method is called batching and is linked to improved productivity and concentration while reducing multitasking and the risk of error.

Hybrid Flexibility Has Changed Workspaces

Offices don’t only have new styles but new schedules! Many companies have adopted hybrid schedules to appease their employees’ need for flexibility and work-life balance. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you may notice your building and the parking lot are empty, while on Tuesday and Thursday, they are jam-packed.

Speak with your tenants to understand their in- and out-of-office schedules. This will allow you to schedule your cleaning crew at opposite times of the hybrid workers, often allowing you to welcome cleaners or other service workers during standard business hours (rather than needing overnight cleaners, which may cost more). 

The Impact of Post-Pandemic Lifestyles on Building Operations

While flexible co-workings paces have created the opportunity for growth as an employee, they also increase the risk of spreading germs from one coworker to another.

COVID-19 increased the need for sterile, regular cleanings in commercial buildings – especially as office styles and schedules have changed. As you tour the office spaces before scheduling service, take note of high-traffic areas that may be more susceptible to germs (like a conference room used more than others or perhaps a commonly used outdoor space).

The OpenWorks Difference 

Office styles and schedules will continue to change. The good news? OpenWorks handles our business, so you can focus on yours. We provide multi-site companies with one source for all of your facility services needs, creating a consistent operation while meeting the needs of each site. Click here to get an estimate from an OpenWorks provider near you.

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