3 Ways to Harness the Internet of Things Right Now

Whether you manage one office, a single building, or an entire portfolio of properties, you need the Internet of Things.

More than just the latest buzzword, the Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices—sensors, meters, HVAC equipment, and building management systems—that capture, collect, share, and apply data. The technology allows devices and systems to communicate through the cloud in real time. No human oversight needed.

Sounds pretty “gee whiz,” but this powerful tool brings a lot to the table. The Internet of Things (IoT) can enhance space planning, streamline maintenance tasks, control costs, and significantly reduce operational risk.

 Here are three ways the Internet of Things can benefit your organization (and one really crucial thing to lookout for.)

1.      Streamline Your Work

The Internet of Things can monitor assets, manage energy use, and simplify schedules. Sensors that remotely assess building conditions reduce the need for in-person site visits while monitoring energy use in real-time quickly identifies waste to help meet efficiency goals.

The Internet of Things can also manage occupancy systems to streamline room scheduling. When it comes to cleaning, IoT logs traffic patterns, usage trends, and supply levels to create responsive maintenance to-do lists.  

2.      Help Control Costs

The Internet of Things cuts costs in many ways. Take cleaning, for instance. Maintaining restrooms pre-IoT meant sticking to a static schedule where some restrooms get too much attention while others don’t get enough.

Add sensors that track occupancy, monitor supply levels, and allow user feedback, and facility managers can create a dynamic cleaning protocol. This method responds to real-time issues, reduces redundancy, and saves money. How much? One London shopping center reports saving £15,000 a year (about $16,500) for every ten IoT-equipped bathrooms across their site.

3.      Reduce Risk

Monitoring a building’s vital health and safety functions with IoT-enabled sensors reduces risk, keeping occupants safe and productive. Sensors can track air quality and flow while testing for pollutants like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, excessive dust, and humidity. If indoor air quality is unhealthy, the system can alert managers and even fix the issue by communicating with an automated ventilation system.

Internet of Things-enabled water meters quickly identify leaks, reducing the risk of costly damage to pipes and equipment. Consistently monitoring quality ensures that drinking water is always clean and safe.

IoT-enabled fire safety systems can identify heat spikes, authorize decentralized fire suppression systems, provide real-time information about an event, and even predict how a fire will spread. The sensors will also share vital information with firefighters in real-time.

The technology can even act as a security guard, simultaneously identifying unauthorized occupants and alerting facility managers.  

4.      Security

IoT platforms collect, store, and analyze a lot of information. Shielding that data from cyberattacks should be top of mind for any facility professional considering the tool. After all, you don’t want unauthorized access, malware infections, data breaches, Denial of Service attacks, or a problem as embarrassing as this associated with your company.

With all its advantages, the Internet of Things is here to stay. Is your building logged on yet?


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