A Recipe for Facility Success

Working with eight Ryder facility locations in California and Texas, OpenWorks helped Ryder earn the “trust” of employees and customers. Proper facility and janitorial service with OpenWorks helps Ryder remain a Top 3PL and cold storage provider.

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Don’t Take Risks with Your Food, Beverage, and CPG Customer’s Supply Chain Operations

In working with Ryder’s facilities in Texas and California, OpenWorks understands that your supply chain facilities including warehouses, distribution centers, and vital forward-stocking locations require a specialized approach to facilities services. This is especially true for the locations that serve food and beverage companies and CPG firms where each site has different temperature zones, nuances, needs and compliance regulations.  

Unfortunately, most in-house and outsourced commercial cleaning and facility management teams take a blanket approach putting supply chain operations, service performance to customers and the P&L at risk – as facilities themselves can create bottlenecks.

Relevant Resources to Help Ryder Supply Chain Achieve Facility Operational Excellence

Real-World Examples of How Your Facilities Are Adding Risk to Your Operations.

Within this article, you will see why a national food distributor serving restaurant chains like Wendy’s almost had an FDA shutdown after switching to a lower cost provider and how one of Mode Transportation’s largest agencies put the supply chain operations of an international supplier of cough drops and confectionery products at risk. Read now

The Most Efficient Supply Chain Facilities Go Beyond Technology to Improve Efficiency

Ryder has invested in technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its facilities. Schneider, FedEx and others learned that maximum productivity gains from your tech investments are dependent on having a clean, safe and compliant environment. Learn how your facilities impact supply chain operations and how you can improve facility processes. Read now

How OpenWorks serves your California and Texas locations and other 3PL/4PLs

Read how we do not take risks with your customers’ operations, how we prevent FDA shutdowns and supply chain disruptions and how we’d meet your highly specific facility needs. Discover how OpenWorks helps transportation, logistics and distribution companies reduce costs, improve facility efficiency, and remove risk within their operations and within your industry. Read now

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