10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a time for you to freshen and revamp the vibes in your home. Below are a few tips that will get you ready for the warmer weather and provide a healthier environment for your household.

  1. Make a Plan-
  2. Take the time to plan how you are going to tackle spring cleaning. This eliminates time and allows you to stay on tasks.
  3. Make the worsts tasks your priorities.
  4. Organize before you clean-
  5. Make a list of items that you want to keep, throw away, or put in storage.
  6. Repair-
  7. If you see something that you can repair yourself, go for it! If there’s something that needs professional attention, call a repairman and schedule a time that will resolve your situation.
  8. Take it room by room-
  9. Bedrooms- Wash blankets and comforters, floor, rugs, wipe down surfaces. Don’t be afraid to redecorate for the new season.
  10. Bathrooms- Because bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your house to clean, it is important that you deep clean thoroughly.
  11. Kitchen- Deep clean with specialized products to rejuvenate and protect your appliances and surfaces.
  12. Garage- Take the time to tackle the clutter in your garage.
  13. Clean the ceiling and light fixtures, appliance coils, vents etc.-
  14. Start from the top and work to the bottom, this way every part of your home gets the attention that it deserves.
  15. Clean or change air filters, vents, and refrigerator coils. Dust fans.
  16. Be sure to use safe chemicals, remember you are cleaning for a fresher, brighter and healthier environment for your home.
  17. Wash walls, cabinets, windows and overlooked surfaces-
  18. Washing walls can be very tedious but essential. Washing the walls allows your paint to stay sharp longer and brightens the rooms and walkways.
  19. Use a sponge for easy to reach areas and a sponge mop for hard to reach places.
  20. Freshen furniture-
  21. Furniture absorbs germs and dirt, so give your furniture the deep cleaning that it needs to take on another year of wear.
  22. Use products and materials specialized in cleaning or rebuffering so that you are not harming your furniture.
  23. Deep clean floors and carpets-
  24. Don’t be afraid to apply a wax or sealer to protect your hardwood floor and give them a fresher look.
  25. Get up pet hair and any lent that you would otherwise ignore.
  26. Clean underneath your furniture.
  27. Clean Exterior-
  28. To get all that you can from spring cleaning, you must clean your home in its entirety.
  29. Clean your outdoor furniture, gutter and power wash your home to prevent mold and mildew.
  30. Clean up after yourself-
  31. Double back and check through each room to ensure that you put away all cleaning materials, stowed away the storage boxes and threw away all trash.

Spring cleaning is a big task however it is important for a healthier environment. Pace yourself throughout this process; Spring cleaning does not have to accommodate to one day. Make it fun, play your favorite playlist and redecorate as you go. OpenWorks is guided by a simple philosophy: A cleaner, safer and healthier environment means a more productive work place. For more information on how OpenWorks can benefit your facility, visit our website here.

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