5 Maintenance Services that Will Change Your Daily Rhythm for the Better

Property maintenance is the most important responsibility of managing a property. Perhaps that's why the property management industry is booming, expected to grow 9% every year for the next four years.

It's a mammoth task to provide adequate upkeep and cleanliness to business facilities both large and small. For most people, these duties require the same time commitment as a fulltime job.

That's why so many people now hire a team to provide comprehensive maintenance services.

By outsourcing the task of repairing and maintaining a facility, property managers can focus their full attention to the most important task at hand: managing their property.

Opting for repairing and maintaining a property yourself will cost you in lost time that could have been spent making you more money.

Here are five major maintenance services that could save you a dozen hours a month -- or more!

1. Plumbing

Whether you own a small office building or a hospital, one thing is for sure: Your facility will have plumbing. Bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, water fountains, and more will inevitably require regular maintenance.

Plumbing seals eventually leak, toilets stop working, and drains clog. Performing the repairs yourself will require a significant time-investment and know-how.

You might have to perform research online in an attempt to diagnose the problem. Once you're sure how to make the repairs, you'll also need to get your hands on the tools and new parts, which will require time at the nearest home improvement center.

If an important amenity is leaking -- such as the kitchen sink -- then there's also the possibility of further damage while you slowly attempt to make the repairs.

By utilizing a regular property maintenance service, your only responsibility is to make the call. Don't waste eight hours on what should be a simple repair job for a professional.

Your time is worth more.

2. Handyman Maintenance Services

Even small things can break in unexpected ways. Perhaps a door has come loose, or an employee backed their chair into a weak patch of drywall.

Without regular maintenance, these small defects will continue to add up, reduce the value of your property, and negatively affect the morale of its inhabitants.

As minor as these repairs may be, they still require esoteric and specialized knowledge.

This is when a handyman comes in handy. They can refit doors as easily as they patch holes in drywall. Yet, handyman services offer more than miscellaneous office repairs.

Perhaps your facility's gutters are clogged, or your building's exterior has gathered dirt. Handymen will also handle these small property annoyances.

Even if you don't do the work yourself, using the handyman of a property maintenance service is a cost-effective and easy solution.

You won't waste time making calls and gathering quotes. Most maintenance services cover all your property needs for a fixed monthly fee.

3. Landscaping

Landscaping is important for any business or facility. Great, well-kept landscaping makes an immediate positive first impression. Dying hedges and wilted flowers, on the other hand, make it clear that property management isn't invested in the property.

It also gives the impression that the interior may be in a shabby state of affairs as well.

But landscaping is more than just attracting foot traffic and looking presentable. For hospitals, studies show that views of natural landscaping reduced recovery times and pain intensity for their patients.

Neglecting your landscaping is a poor choice for property owners. But maintaining it is a significant investment.

Trimming hedges requires specialized equipment. And it's not easy keeping grass, flowers, and other small plants healthy and vibrant.

Property maintenance services can provide routine care that healthy landscaping requires. When working on a regular schedule, they won't even require your input or reminders.

This frees up more time in your schedule to more effectively manage your property.

4. Cleaning

Every workplace has its own cleaning requirements. As simple as cleaning may seem, janitorial skills are skills. Thoroughly disinfecting a hospital's waiting room is a job not meant for everyone.

And for just that reason, it's a job meant for professionals and not for property managers. If your property contains only a small kitchen and bathroom, you could possibly get by with subpar service or self-cleaning initiatives.

But it's a filthy job few have the patience to do or the knowledge to do well. Any good property manager sees the value of a consistent, weekly cleaning service.

Don't grab a mop and bucket and try to handle it on your own. Would you even want to?

Focus on your leasing and accounting duties and leave the cleaning to the professionals. Maintaining a clean property is a task that can't be avoided.

5. Pest Control

While cleaning can help prevent pest infestations, depending on where you live they may simply be an inevitability.

You could place ant traps in the company kitchen and spray a pest killer between the seams of your sidewalk. But these measures are not likely to provide a solution to the root of the problem.

They may not even act as a true deterrent.

In these situations, pest control professionals are the only option. They have powerful equipment and expertise that you don't -- even if you spend a significant amount of time researching some common solutions to pest problems.

As part of regular property maintenance, a pest control team can help remove bees around your property and dispose of insects such as ants and roaches from within. They are a serious threat to the health and well-being of the building's inhabitants, and your personal treatments aren't likely to solve the problem.

Leave the handling of dangerous chemicals to professionals.

Finding a Maintenance Service for Your Property

While a property manager may be able to provide some maintenance services on their own time, it comes at the cost of neglecting other duties. Time spent maintaining a property is time lost elsewhere.

And some services, such as cleaning and pest control, are simply best left to professionals.

If you're ready to spend more time making more money, then consider the best maintenance services available with OpenWorks' facility services.

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