5 Must-Ask Questions When Selecting a Facility Management Vendor

5 Must-Ask Questions When Selecting a Facility Management Vendor

Your business is your baby. From taking care of its each and every need to looking toward its bright future, there are so many steps you need to take as a brick-and-mortar owner to ensure your building is ready to take on today (and tomorrow).

As an owner, you know that you can’t do it all alone. Effectively delegating tasks allows you to focus on your own priorities, especially when it comes to facility management.

Here are five questions to ask when selecting a new vendor.

Question 1: Are You Fully Bonded and Insured?

First things first, ensure your facility management vendor is bonded and insured. Bonding is a form of insurance that protects the customer (you) if something is damaged or stolen by the vendor or their employees - but don’t stop there.

Also, confirm your vendor has general liability insurance that protects them and their employees if they are injured while on the premises. Most vendors also offer workers’ compensation for their employees. While all of this can sound a bit stressful, having the correct form of protection will give you peace of mind should anything happen.

Question 2: How Are Your Employees Trained and Vetted?

Allowing strangers to enter your business, whether it’s after-hours or during business hours, can be anxiety-inducing. Knowing that your vendor has properly trained and vetted their employees eases this worry. From background checks and specialized training to appropriate workplace attire and professional behavior, ask about their employee process from beginning to end.

This allows you to ensure their business practices - and values - align with yours and allows their employees to work as an extension of your own.

Question 3: Can You Provide References?

Now, this step is one of the simplest. Can your vendor show their work in action? See if they have videos, photos, or written vendor references from their customers.

Question 4: What is Your Scheduling Process?

Do you need your facility management vendor to come in the early morning, overnight, during business hours, or be on-call if(and when) needed? It’s critical to understand their scheduling process and how the process impacts pricing. For instance, an overnight cleaning will likely be more expensive than a daytime cleaning, as they will need to compensate their employees appropriately for this time.

However, a last-minute deep cleaning may run you a pretty penny but could be worth it if you know you have a five-star cleaning crew one phone call away. Understand your own needs, ask your facility management vendor how they can best accommodate your schedule, and go from there.

Question 5: What are Your Pricing Differences?

Pricing for the type of service, the extensiveness of the service, and the time it takes to perform the service (and the time of day when the service is performed) will greatly impact your cost. Again, understand your own needs and directly state them when meeting with your new facility management vendor.

Whether you’re a large industrial warehouse, small brick-and-mortar, or anything in between, OpenWorks offers worry-free, unparalleled facility management services through our elite network of vetted service providers. Sign up to get a service estimate, today!

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