5 of the Dirtiest Places in an Office (#5 May Surprise You!)

Most people expect the dirtiest place in the office to be down on the toilet seat. But you’ll have to flush that idea away; toilets get cleaned all the time, after all. So, keep your head up and look around because the dirtiest places in an office are unexpected.

Many parts of office cleaning are totally forgotten about, which leaves grime and dirt building up over time. As commercial cleaners, we’re relied upon to wash, vacuum, scrub and disinfect even the dirtiest places in the office.

And those places are the ones that many don’t think about.

As it turns out, there are five places in your office that contain more germs than the bathroom:

  1. Window blinds
  2. Door handles
  3. Microwaves
  4. Desk phones
  5. Coffee pots

1. Dusty window blinds

Not only are dusty window blinds super dirty, but they could also become dangerous. As soon as the window is opened, dust could become dislodged and those in the office soon could be inhaling huge breaths of allergens like dust, dust mites, and minuscule pieces of dirt that could be quite detrimental to their health.

Dust is an irritant in the nose, which means that it risks inflammation and further damage when it enters the respiratory system. The risk is heightened during allergy season.

Luckily, cleaning window blinds is super simple, and can be added to any frequent routine. Either with a duster or a damp cloth, wipe each slat horizontally from one side to the other. Time-consuming, but so worth it.

2. Dirty door handles

Think about the number of people who enter, roam around, and leave your customers' offices each day. That’s plenty of pairs of hands grabbing the doorknobs.

The sheer volume of people touching your office door knobs every single week means that they're one of the dirtiest surfaces in the office. And they need a place in the cleaning routine, otherwise, harmful bacteria can build up and spread among the staff.

At OpenWorks, we’re on the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) for disinfecting. So, our commercial cleaning teams follow proper cleaning regulations to keep themselves safe and use a detergent with disinfectant, rather than just hot soapy water.

3. Grimy microwaves

The office microwave is always one of the dirtiest places that our cleaners are likely to find. Since all work departments use the kitchen, cleaning is not the responsibility of any single employee. Without clear delegation, the microwave cleaning schedule goes awry.

The other nuance to office microwaves is that they get dirty in lots of different areas. For example, the microwave door handles are touched by many hands, leading to the build-up of bacteria. Plus, the rotating tray inside is likely to have its surface covered in food particles. That’s all without mentioning unfortunate accidents or spills.

Cleaning a microwave is more difficult than some of the other parts of the office. Some of our cleaners recommend using lemon juice or white vinegar to loosen up stubborn dirt before finishing with a strong detergent and an antibacterial wipe.

4. Desk telephones

Nobody ever thinks about wiping down the desk phones. But as far as office germs go, phones collect bacteria and dust over time, as well as saliva which can contain harmful germs. Direct contact with the hands, face, and ears could cause skin issues for office workers.

As professional office cleaners, it’s our duty to regularly clean the telephones. Again, these can be simply cleaned regularly using a disinfectant wipe. Don’t forget the receptionists and other phones throughout the office building!

5. Damp coffee pots

Finally, the humble coffee pot has been awarded as one of the dirtiest places in the office. Although coffee is the jet fuel most workers rely on to get through the day, it is also a breeding ground for bacterial growth. It is always warm and wet (or at least damp), so it makes for a perfect spot for hidden germs.

In most offices, the coffee pot handle is also in contact with many of the employees each day. The coffee pot should be emptied and rinsed daily, with a deep clean at least once per week. While you’re there, why not run the machine or coffee maker through its cleaning cycle, too?

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