5 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Landscape

Fall is the right time to bring color to your landscape. The American people love a well-manicured lawn and garden. In fact, the landscaping industry is valued at nearly $115 billion and will continue to grow.

The fall is the perfect time to landscape for many different reasons. Especially true in the northern portion of the country, with the fall season offering dynamic colors and picturesque views.

Read on to learn five reasons why the fall is the best time of year for landscaping. Explore how facilities management companies can take your commercial landscaping to the next level each fall season.

1. Seasonal Color Designs

Seasonal color designs are one of the primary reasons why fall is the best time of year for landscaping. Your company can embrace the harvest theme with a variety of yellow, orange, and red.

Facility management companies like OpenWorks can brighten up your community or office building landscape.  Our expert landscapers can bring in beautiful shrubs and flowers to accentuate the fall theme and make visitors take note of the facility’s beauty.

2. Favorable Landscaping Climate

Facility management companies like OpenWorks take advantage of the favorable fall temperatures. Late September brings an end to scorching summer temperatures. The sun starts to set earlier and your landscape gets an opportunity for revitalization.

This is the perfect time for OpenWorks to come in and fertilize your commercial property's lawn and grounds. You will also benefits from landscaping maintenance to trim shrubs and trees. The favorable fall temperatures allow shrubs and trees to grow faster.

3. Time to Reseed

The fall is the best time to reseed your commercial property's lawn. The summer’s heat tends to leave bare or brown spots in its wake.

To bring grass back to optimal appearance, aeration and reseeding are necessary. Aeration allows your lawn to get critical oxygen supply and maximize its growth potential. These are two services amongst many provided by OpenWorks that will get your facility’s lawn back to top shape.

4. Replace Annual Shrubs

Your facility’s annual shrubs are not going to come back in the springtime. This means that they need to be removed and replaced in the fall.

Companies like OpenWorks will take on this monumental task.

In its place, we will replace your annual shrubs with a seasonal design. Our experienced providers also take the opportunity to change your landscape’s appearance so visitors get a new look each year.

5. Fewer Weeds

It is easier to take on weeds in the fall without the scorching temperatures. Weeds and crabgrass take root where there are bare spots in your commercial property's lawn.

The favorable temperatures allow grass to grow thick and crowd out any weeds. At the same time, our landscaping providers will lay down weed control to make sure that no fall weeds emerge in the mulch or grass.

Facilities Management Companies Can Make Your Landscape Look Exceptional This Fall

The fall is a time of color, growth, and revitalization. An experienced facilities management company can take advantage of the favorable conditions to make your commercial landscape look exceptional.

If you are looking for facilities management companies to take your landscaping to a new level, contact us today for a free estimate.  

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