5 Spots Power Washing is Needed–but Rarely Done

We keep our bodies and our attire clean and presentable. We service the underbellies of our cars with regular trips to the car wash. We even pressure wash our driveways and the outside of our homes and buildings.

But why does it stop there? When it comes to power washing, there is so much more we could be doing to increase the value and appeal of our homes and businesses.

Do you want to send your child to a school whose playground is filthy?

Would you hire a property management company whose own fence is covered in mold?

Would you feel comfortable entering into an urgent care facility with a roof strewn with debris?

No. And why shouldn't you be bothered by details, that could so easily, be remedied? Let's take a look some of the underrated or unknown uses of a beloved power washer.

1. Kids Toys and Playgrounds

Playgrounds and outdoor kids' toys are covered in germs and bacteria.

One might assume that because playgrounds are outside and often exposed to sunshine and rain, this would deem them clean. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Playgrounds are covered in traces of vomit, feces, urine, and saliva that is left behind by children and animals alike. In fact, out of all outdoor surfaces, playgrounds and outdoor daycare facilities are some of the most contaminated. In warmer climates, these outdoor play areas can also provide the perfect hiding spots for insects like poisonous spiders.

To reduce the potential for spreading germs and bacteria, these surfaces need to be cleaned. But it can be a daunting task to find out which chemicals or cleaners will be not only safe for children and animals but also non-abrasive to the play area.

An electric power washer can do all of that. With the combination of safe cleaners and pressure washing, your play area will stay clean and secure. At OpenWorks, we'll take care of everything for you from making sure the cleaners we use are non-toxic for your children and non-abrasive for your play area. We can also take care of all the outs and ins of your structure to keep a clean environment for your kids and staff.

2. Your Pool/Lanai Cage

Sure, you keep your pool clean with weekly visits from the cleaner. You have outdoor pillows that you sometimes throw in your washing machine. You make sure to sweep and keep out debris. But do you ever clean your screens and cage surrounded your outdoor space?

Mold, mildew, and/or algae can build up fast. Branches and leaves can clutter the top. Insects can make themselves comfortable in the corners. And lizards or small animals can leave droppings both inside and on top of your enclosure. Before you know it, feces and debris can make their way into your pool, on your outdoor furniture, or even be tracked into your house.

What's the answer? A power washer! Pressure washing your screens and your pool cage is a fantastic way to tackle all those issues without worrying about chemicals or other cleaners getting into your pool.

3. Your BBQ

How often does anyone actually deep clean their BBQ? Most people figure that high heat burns off anything questionable. But all it does is prevent air flow and force hot air through knobs which could melt. It could also crack any ceramics and cause other damage to your grill.

Scale is a nasty combo of grease, creosote, soot, and carbon that builds up, usually on the hood of your grill. As it builds, the likelihood of flakes dropping onto your food increases. Furthermore, oil and grease can become rancid so that any food cooked on the grill begins to take on the stale flavor and taste bad.

Many chemicals and cleaners aren't safe for your grill. And even though there are those products that are made specifically for your BBQ, it can take time and effort to scrub off old grease and scale. Power washing takes 10-15 minutes and leaves your grill clean and bacteria-free, without the use of harsh cleaners.

4. Your Rugs

Bacteria and dirt and pet dander can build up quickly on a rug, not to mention the kinds of things that get spilled when little kids are around. When was the last time the rugs were cleaned at your daycare facility?

Rugs are hard to clean. It can be hard to find a non-toxic cleaner and the time to scrub all those stains out on your own.

But 5-10 minutes of power washing and your rug can be as good as new.

An excellent electric power washer can cost you a pretty penny. But there's no need to buy one yourself.

At OpenWorks we can do it all for you. And while we are washing your rugs, we can also clean your BBQ, your fence, your driveway, your roof, your siding, and anywhere else you'd like to be mold and bacteria free! And you don't have to worry about nasty chemicals or careless cleaning because we're a GREEN company and proud of it.

5. Your Roof

You can't always see it, but chances are your roof has debris build up. That debris can become dangerous as it grows. It can fill your gutters and make your facility look rundown. But who wants to clean a roof?

We do! Roof maintenance can be dangerous with the potential for falls, and electrocution, and burns. So hire the professionals to do it for you and keep your roof looking safe and clean.

The Reasons for Power Washing Are Limitless

Power washing is the answer to almost all of your cleaning needs. We've named a few, but there are a hundred more things you could clean with a power washer.

Just give us a call and we can come and asses your home and help you decide what you'd like cleaned. We will leave your home looking revitalized. And it's an investment. Pressure washing the exteriors of your home can increase the value, both now and in the future.

Contact us to learn more and schedule an in-person assessment to make your facility or home a better place.

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