5 Ways Consolidating Your Facilities Management Can Save You Money

As of 2020, available office space has gone down by 17 percent. There was also a 15 percent decrease in the number of desks per employee. This is according to research done by Frost & Sullivan, a market research company.

Facility managers need to keep an eye on their budget by looking for solutions that can save them money. Facilities management services focus on helping facilities save money.

Companies such as OpenWorks are making the process much easier.

In this post, we discuss five ways merging your facilities management can save you money.

By incorporating these five facility improvement ideas into the organization's maintenance cost-saving projects, you are guaranteed to reduce your facilities management costs.

Efficient Office Designs and Workplace Policies

51 percent of corporate real estate executives are actively looking to adopt a shared workplace design model. Shared workplaces can include an innovation center, serviced office, or coworking spaces.

Sharing a workplace is an easy way of reducing facility management costs. It is important to remember that office landscaping is critical for such spaces. The environment employees work in has a direct effect on their mood.

Switching your workplace to a shared space might seem expensive at first. But the result will be a more productive workplace and engaged staff.

Maintenance Cost Saving Projects

From HVAC running costs to other maintenance costs, running a facility can be costly. As a facility manager, you should categorize the expenses to save costs.

There are three cost categories:  proactive maintenance, emergent expenses, and repair costs.

Preventative maintenance will save on unnecessary facility costs when systems break down. You should consider these cost-saving projects as viable options to reduce expenses on unplanned repair and maintenance.

To save costs, the projects for your facility have to be considered with this financial and ROI lens, with the critical factors of cost and value to be balanced.

Facilities Management Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings across the U.S. consume 13.6 quads of electricity. This translates to about 35 percent of total energy consumed in the United States.

But facilities have been on the lookout for newer and cheaper alternatives to standard energy.

Alternative energy like solar helps a facility reduce its dependence on expensive fuel. Apart from saving facility money, alternative energies are also environmentally friendly. This enables your facility to reduce its carbon footprint.

Facilities Improvement Ideas

To reduce the facilities management costs, FM managers are reviewing a number of initiatives to drive overall improvements to their maintenance programs.   Facilities improvement ideas are most impactful when focused on reducing costs. These concepts such as installing energy efficient systems are part of  creating a cost-saving culture.

As the culture develops, these ideas become the foundation for further cost reduction opportunities.

Survey Your Employees

An inexpensive way of reducing facility management costs is understanding the employees. The facility manager needs to collect feedback from their colleagues to best understand how to improve the workplace with what employees truly prioritize.

This ensures that the work environment is comfortable for everyone. According to Maslow’s motivation theory, a highly-motivated team can save unnecessary costs by focusing on producing their best.

Consolidate Facilities Management Services with OpenWorks to Save Money

While facility managers can try to save costs on their own, it is often a daunting task for many. The partnership opportunities with companies offering facilities management services has made the process easier.

At OpenWorks, we cover the most needed facility management services ranging from landscaping to commercial cleaning and disinfection.

We focus on saving facilities managers countless hours, dollars, and headaches. Contact us today to get an estimate for the facilities management services that can setup your business for success.

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