4 Benefits of Pest Control That Will Improve Your Facility

When it comes to your business, the last thing you want to deal with is the presence of pests. Whether your building is 30 years old or brand new, pest control should be at the top of your required services list—especially if your facility is a school, clinic, hospital, office, restaurant or (to be frank) any place where humans are or will be present.Unfortunately, pests are an extremely common problem for warehouses, distribution centers, and commercial facilities that harbor food and water. Pests pose a serious threat to the health of staff and customers alike.

Check out these 4 reasons why you should have regular pest control for your business and why it's beneficial to you:


Safeguard your expenses

When it comes to eliminating pests, costs can quickly add up if you don't know what you're doing. Attempting to cut corners in hopes that it will save you money can actually compromise your facility's stability. Unless you can see through walls, it's nearly impossible to detect colonies of termites or ants eating away at the wiring, drywall, insulation, and other core structural components that are critical to the day-to-day operations of your business.Larger pests like rodents also pose a threat to your bottom line. Each year rodents destroy enough food to feed over 200 million people. What's more is that pests such as cockroaches and flies are the biggest contributors to food contamination and food-related illnesses.

Eliminate unnecessary health risks

Pests spread diseases such as the Zika and West Nile viruses, Malaria, Yellow Fever,  among a list of others. The types of diseases and how they are contracted if different based on


the type of pest. Studies show that cockroaches spread over 30 kinds of bacteria with the most common being E. Coli and Salmonella. Cockroaches also contribute to the spreading of parasitic worms and pathogens that are harmful to humans.By bringing on a team of professionally trained pest control experts, the health risks associated with unwanted pests drop dramatically. It's important to note that these experts often utilize poisonous chemicals to ensure the extermination of these pests and eliminate their potential return. It would not wise to attempt to handle these types of chemicals on your own.

Professional expertise and peace of mind

Pest control technicians understand what products work, and when to use them. They can also educate you on what to look for and advise you on how often your facility needs servicing. Many of these experts take into account that some pesticides are just as harmful as the pests themselves, so it's critical that you're touching base with an expert and staying informed about the chemicals your facility needs, which varies depending on your geographic location. Most service providers have developed and utilize newer, safer, and more environmentally conscious chemicals.Knowing that your facility's pest control needs are being managed by a team of experts enables you to focus on what matters; building your business.

Pest Control Expert

Ensures the safety of your facility and keeps your business running

The last thing you need is for your business to be shut down due to an infestation. Establishing a preventative pest control program will ensure that your facility stays intact and that business keeps moving forward.In the U.S., termites cause more than $5 billion in structural damages every year! If you didn't know that there are about 45 different types of termites, then it's probably in your best interest to hire professionals that know how to identify various types of infestations and methods of extermination. Many pests make their homes in dark and often damp environments. But, they can also occupy space inside ventilation systems, walls, furniture, appliances, carpet, and especially places where water is present. So buying a can of bug spray from your local grocery store isn't going to cut it--at least not long-term.Still not convinced? The Illinois Department of Health has put together a comprehensive breakdown on the importance of hiring experts for your pest prevention and control.OpenWorks is guided by a simple philosophy: A cleaner, safer and healthier environment means a more productive workplace. For more information on how OpenWorks can benefit your facility, visit our website here.

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