A Clean Business Matters to Customers

It takes less than 13 seconds for a potential customer to judge your business when they walk in.You might have beautiful displays and friendly front staff, but if your office isn't sparkling clean, customers will notice and make assumptions about your professionalism and skills.Read on to understand how a clean office makes all the difference.

Assumptions About Your Value

Your customers equate your office cleanliness with the level of service. For example, one survey found that if a restaurant’s restrooms are not clean, 88% of customers wonder about the safety of the food being served.The flipside is also true. 95% of consumers feel that a clean office turns a good business into a great one. An un-mopped floor, clutter, and dust in the corners might be tolerated by employees, but those visiting for the first time might be shocked by the level of uncleanliness.A sparkling floor and clean windows might actually help make a sale. It shows that the small details matter.When you have a clean space, customers are more likely to refer you to their friends and family. And that's just based on your presentation! Without having any further dealings with you or taking a bite of your food.When you invest in professional cleaning, your customers will assume that you pay attention to details. They will see that you are aware of the conditions of your work environment and how it affects others.Customers will believe that you have pride in your physical appearance and company image.

Cleanliness Can Elevate your Brand

All organizations strive to elevate their brand. They do with professional websites, online and print marketing and so on.Yet, many businesses overlook cleanliness as a way to elevate their brand. Potential customers will judge the strength of your brand based on how clean your office is.Remember, a sparkling office is a marketing tool that will grow your business and your reputation.

Assets That Look New

When you invest in regular, thorough cleaning of your space, you preserve your carpets, floors and other surfaces.This keeps them looking new and fresh. Customers will notice this right away.Not only does regular cleaning keep your replacement costs down, but it also builds your reputation as a thriving company that values their appearance.

Improved Hygiene

Customers won't want to do business with a company that has poor hygiene standards.If your restrooms and surfaces are dirty, most customers will abandon you and choose your competitor who values health and hygiene.Keep in mind that clean offices reduce the risk of infectious diseases and cross-contamination. It doesn't matter if you are a hospital, school, hotel or restaurant, a hygenic environment protects the health of your employees and customers.You won't engender goodwill towards your customers if they become ill as a result of visiting your establishment.Also, if you have a clean office, you show your customers that you care about their health and the health of your employees.

Better Air Quality

When people walk through your door, one thing they immediately notice is the air quality.The number of airborne pollutants is 100 times greater than it is outdoors. So even though customers don't walk in the doors with an air reader, they can detect musty, dirty air instantly.Those smells are unpleasant and off-putting. They contribute to a negative first impression of your organization.But fresh, filtered air in a clean office helps your customers feel great as they step in through your doors.

Better Productivity and Happy Employees

Your customers know that productive employees are more efficient. They understand that this translates to cost-savings for customers.A report by the American Medical Association states that 15 million people call in sick every year. That's an average of 7.7 sick days per employee per year. Added up, these sick days cost employers $225.8 billion every year.By investing in a clean office, you reduce employee absenteeism due to illness.It also shows your customers that you care about your employees.Plus, productive and healthy employees will leave a good impression on your customers. And as your employees are the face of your company, it's vital that your workers promote your products and services.By keeping your office clean, you get employees that are able to do their best work and promote your business in all their interactions with clients.

Easy to Go Green

When you invest in a clean office, it is easier to go green. Reducing your carbon footprint and being responsible stewards of our natural resources is important to customers.These days, investing in green initiatives is mandatory. You can easily go green by replacing paper towels in bathrooms with hygenic air dryers. You can use touchless soap dispensers to cut down on the use of soap.Your cleaning company can use eco-friendly products to clean your office. This way you can proudly claim to be a green office.

Final Words on a Clean Office

If you want ideas for improving customer service, look no further than your janitorial closet.We hope this article has highlighted for you the importance of a clean office on your brand, your reputation, your employees and ultimately your customers.Remember, a clean office leads to happy employees and impressed clients. Both of which lead to a big boost in business.At OpenWorks, our approach is different. We focus on offering the highest-quality, customized services at a competitive cost. Contact us today for more info.

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