Cleaning Computer Equipment Requires a Careful Touch

Leave it to the Professionals

If the dust, dirt, and food that accumulates around your keyboard area annoys you, we understand you very well. But remember, cleaning computer equipment requires a careful touch. And for the most part, you should leave it to the experts.

However, from time to time, it’s fine to tidy up your workspace. The dos and don’ts can vary, but this is just first-aid info. Remember: the number one thing is to be gentle with your friend.

Just a Light Touch Will Do

Computers and peripheral equipment are sensitive to water and liquid. If anything should get inside the motherboard, you would have to say goodbye to all your important files.

Instead, do not risk it, leave it to the professionals who come into your office to clean, and for a simple dusting and upkeep, use a microfiber towel.

Your towel should be specially designed for cleaning the surface of your computer equipment. Choose a lint-free, microfiber, or cotton cloth.

Cleaning the Keyboard

Even if you don’t eat lunch at your desk, unwanted dirt is in the air and gets collected easily. Washing your hands quite often with soap will help only a little. Every day you are spreading germs, dust, and debris, just by typing on your keyboard.

You can use soft brushes to clean them off. But remember to clean the brushes after use. And never directly spray a chemical product on the screen or the keyboard.

If you are bothered by germs, dust, and the occasional food crumb around your office’s workspaces, make sure you mention it to your cleaning crew. They will take extra care to make sure that when your employees get to their workspaces, they feel good about where they work.

Cleaning and Workplace Morale

And this is one of the most important aspects of employee morale; feeling like the office is free of germs and a is safe place to be is paramount.

We have a team of specialists, who can be of great help in any of your facility needs, starting with workspace cleaning, to other services like disinfection, landscaping, and more.

With a 99% customer retention rate, we are proud to help make your world work better.

Cleaning never ends. It’s a continuous process that is an essential part of our life if we want to feel good about the facilities we inhabit. With a busy work-life routine, it’s often hard to pay attention to the meticulous cleaning, but we are always here to assist you professionally and efficiently.

Simply get in touch, and leave the cleaning, janitorial work, pest control, and other work to our skilled staff. We know how to do it!


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