Cleaning Up After the Game - What You Don't Know

The big game is over (Congrats to Denver!), and the fans have all gone home. Win or lose, people are moving on with their lives. But for the stadium cleaning and maintenance crew, the most important part of the game has yet to come — the cleanup. Do you know what happens once the final score is called out? Well, we at OpenWorks do because our integrated facility services are perfect for large stadium and venue maintenance and cleaning. It’s a big job, but when you know how to do it right, your stadium will be ready for the next big game in no time.Cleaning/Janitorial ServicesThe first step to any big game or event cleanup is to start picking up the trash. Let’s face it  — people are messy. And the bigger the crowd, the more food and drink containers you’ll find left underneath the seats or piled high around overflowing trash cans. And not to mention the sticky puddles of spilled beer and nacho cheese. If you want satisfied stadium customers during the next big event, quick cleanup is a MUST. Otherwise those stains and spills will become permanent marks on your venue — which can be a huge turnoff for ticket holders wanting clean seats to enjoy the game.Parking Lot SweepingThe stadium itself isn’t the only thing that can get messy during a big event. Tailgaters spend hours in the parking lot before a big game — drinking, grilling and socializing  — and that means there’s going to be an accumulation of trash in the parking lots as well. And once the game ends, some people might be bringing their food and drink containers with them into the parking lot and leaving them there. If trash is left in the parking lot, you’re quickly going to have a pest problem on your hands as birds, rodents and other critters come looking for their next meal. As soon as the fans are gone, it’s important to get started with parking lot cleanup.Electrical MaintenanceNothing is worse than having 50,000 plus fans coming to an event, only to realize that your screens, lighting or other electrical necessities aren’t working at the last minute. Cleanup isn’t the only thing that needs to be done after a big event. It’s important to stay on top of your electrical needs so that future events can run smoothly. When you maintain your systems regularly, you are much less likely to have any emergencies or technical difficulties that could ruin the fans’ experience.There are countless things that need doing both before and after any big game or event. Depending on the venue, landscaping services, heating and air, odor control, mechanical services, and supply management may also be necessary aspects of keeping a large stadium or venue running smoothly. The good news is that with our integrated facility services, OpenWorks can handle all your large stadium needs, so you don’t have to keep track of multiple maintenance service providers. We’re your one-stop-shop for stadium maintenance, allowing you to handle more important things — like planning for the next event!

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