CleanLink Features Addition of Mitchell Lawrie, VP of Supply Chain Management, to OpenWorks Team

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August 19, 2021
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“OpenWorks, a national facilities management company, created a new role within its leadership team as part of its ongoing commitment to customer care. Mitchell Lawrie is joining OpenWorks as the Vice President of Supply Chain Management. In addition to his primary focus on the company’s supplier network, he will be working closely with the Sales and Operations teams to identify areas of customer need that could augment OpenWorks’ existing portfolio of facility management services.”

“Mitch’s track record gives us great confidence that he is remarkably well-suited for his new role with OpenWorks, as his contributions will have a direct impact on our growth now and in the foreseeable future,” says Edward Pim, senior vice president of Operations and Experience at OpenWorks. “Our rapid growth demands leadership by a seasoned professional who can ensure our network has ample strength to support our expanding customer base. Mitch will also be instrumental in developing resources that allow us to grow our offerings, such as expanding our landscaping service to the host of other facility management services we currently provide.””

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