Combat & Control COVID-19: Disinfecting v. Cleaning Webinar

While COVID-19 has brought a new level of attention to cleanliness in the workplace, it remains clear that clean and bacteria/virus-free are not one and the same. There will be a new standard of office cleanliness, not only by the government but by your employees, and you need to ensure you meet the requirements and exceed your employee expectations. We aim to help you understand the difference between having an office appearing to be clean and an office thoroughly disinfected, allowing you to keep your employees safe and productive.

  • Review How COVID And Other Viruses Live In The Office
  • Explain The Difference Between Cleaners, Sanitizers And Disinfectants
  • Understand Why And Where To Apply Disinfectants In Your Office
  • Learn Things To Ask Your Current Cleaning Company And Guidelines To Be Familiar With (CDC Guidelines)
  • Review What To Do And How To Control The Spread Of COVID-19 In The Workplace

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