Commercial Cleaning Services Franchises in High Demand

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January 17, 2021

Are you thinking about starting a commercial cleaning franchise but wondering if it’s the best fit for you? Keep reading to discover the answers! Many businesses rely on regular janitorial service, but in a world impacted by coronavirus, a "one size fits all" approach doesn't work for every business. Just as each business is unique in its own way, every business needs customized cleaning services. A commercial cleaning services franchise like OpenWorks understands the unique needs of each customer’s business.

A Cleaner Corporate Office

Many kinds of businesses operate out of corporate offices with many employees in a shared space. These offices can benefit from commercial cleaning services that understand the potential health risks in an office environment and focus on areas that need extra attention.

For example, frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, stair rails and elevator buttons can easily transfer harmful bacterial from one person to another. By hiring a commercial cleaning service like OpenWorks, business owners can rest assured that all of these spaces are cleaned properly.

Servicing Healthcare

While every business can benefit from professional cleaners, healthcare facilities like clinics, urgent care and hospitals arguably have the most to gain. That's because lives are at stake whenever the hospital has not been properly cleaned.

Professionally trained commercial cleaning franchises have special equipment and techniques such as electrostatic spraying to disinfect shared surfaces and various hard-to-reach areas. Not only will this help protect patients and healthcare workers, but it can also help reduce employee absenteeism.

Keeping K-12 Schools Safe

Unfortunately, schools are one of the most common areas where infectious diseases can spread.

Every cough and sneeze in a classroom puts the entire class at risk of getting sick. And because students shuffle from class to class, all it takes is one infected surface to affect countless students. Outside of the classroom, student behavior often renders the bathrooms and lunchrooms dirty and at risk of spreading bacteria.

Frequent and comprehensive cleaning for schools – particularly in highly trafficked areas like cafeterias, restrooms and shared classroom spaces – is key to reducing the spread of harmful pathogens and bacteria among students and staff.

Cleaner Colleges & Universities

Students and staff at colleges and universities are also at risk for spreading illnesses like coronavirus. Students move from class and congregate in cafeterias where every single table may be a danger to their health.

Additionally, colleges have their own unique risks, including the fact that many students live in dormitories on campus that may become hotbeds of infection if not properly cleaned.

An OpenWorks commercial cleaning services franchise can help with all of these issues and more.

Commercial Cleaning Services: Who Can You Trust?

Now you know what commercial cleaning services can do. But do you know which cleaning services franchise is the best fit for you?

OpenWorks provides ongoing training, administrative and back-office support, supplies to get you started – and best of all, we provide the customers. No selling is required!

To learn more about starting an OpenWorks commercial cleaning franchise, contact us today!

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