Common Mistakes When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

When it comes to hiring commercial cleaning companies, it is not as simple as searching for “commercial cleaning company near me.” 

It is a decision you should make carefully because failing to do so can be costly. However, with research and a little preparation, you can avoid these mistakes people normally make when hiring a commercial cleaning company.

Focusing Only on Cost

Price is always a factor when making any business decision, but it should not be the only factor. When you hire a low-cost provider, you often get low-quality service. When you are evaluating commercial cleaning companies, you should first figure out the scope of services you need, request quotes, and compare the quotes to make ensure you are getting all the services you need.

Bypassing References & Background Checks

A reputable commercial cleaning company will be able to give you references from other customers. It is a good idea to contact these companies yourself because they are more likely to give you an unbiased opinion. You may even want to do an on-site visit to see how their facility looks after it has been cleaned. You also want a commercial cleaning company that conducts background checks on its service providers since the people will have access to all areas of your facility and often work after business hours.

Not Checking if the Commercial Cleaning Company is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

It should be a big red flag if a commercial cleaning company is not licensed. You can check easily by going to the state’s website or conducting an online search.

A surety bond is a three-party agreement that guarantees a contractor will do a job as promised. If the customer’s property is stolen while the work was performed, a claim can be filed with the third-party bond issuer. Ask for a copy of the bond. You can check its veracity by going to your state’s insurance department.

You also want to make sure commercial cleaning companies are insured. This typically covers you for general liability claims in case of damage and handles worker’s comp claims if a provider is injured at your facility. Ask the commercial cleaning company you are considering to have its agent send a Certificate of Insurance directly to you so you can review it

Not Finding the Right Fit

Another common mistake when hiring a commercial cleaning company is not finding the right fit. You want to work with a commercial cleaner that has experience with companies like yours and companies in your industry. If they are familiar with the way your type of business operates, they will do a more efficient job.

You may also have special requirements that only an experienced company can handle. For example, you might need deep cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection to the Center for Disease Control recommendations and standards. Not all commercial cleaning companies provide this service or use EPA-approved products and anti-microbial disinfectant to prevent the spread of germs, such as flu or COVID-19. Your service provider should certify that their cleaners have been trained according to state requirements, OSHA rules, OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen, and Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) Disinfection standards.

Not Asking about Added Services

Working with a commercial cleaning company that provides additional services can make life much simpler. A facilities management company that can handle additional services such as landscape management, pest control, plumbing, or HVAC provides a single point of contact, one invoice to manage, and no worries about finding and hiring additional vendors.

Not Getting It in Writing

A handshake is great, but you should also make sure you get a list of the services you require and commitment in writing. When the commercial cleaning company does work at your location, they should provide a detailed list of the services provided and check off that each has been completed. You should also take the time to read any fine print and make sure you are protected against surprises later on.

OpenWorks:  Your Commercial Cleaning Company

When choosing a commercial cleaning company, consider OpenWorks.

OpenWorks is a nationwide network of commercial cleaning service providers that create a noticeably cleaner, safer, and healthier environment at your facility. We use environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products along with low-impact cleaning equipment to eliminate germs and improve air quality. Our professional cleaners are experienced and trained in best practices to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your facility as part of our total facilities management approach.

There is a reason OpenWorks maintains a 98% client retention rate versus the industry standard of 55%. OpenWorks works hard to consistently exceed expectations.

Request an estimate to learn more about how OpenWorks can create a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment at your facility.

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