Entrepreneur Podcast Network interviews OpenWorks on Franchise Opportunities

David Bosley, Executive Vice President at OpenWorks, joins Enterprise Radio and host Eric Dye to discuss the OpenWorks franchise opportunity. (A podcast by EPN discovered by Player FM).

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Listen as David Bosley answers the following:

  • What opportunities are there for entrepreneurs to get involved with OpenWorks by owning a franchise?
  • Does a franchisee need a background in selling or commercial cleaning in order to purchase an OpenWorks franchise?
  • What support do franchisees receive from the OpenWorks’ corporate team?
  • Once a franchisee purchases a franchise, must the they immediately start looking for their own business or accounts?
  • What are the business goals of most of your franchisees?
  • If you would breakdown the advantages of someone purchase a franchise with OpenWorks rather than starting their own small business?

Duration: 14:38Source: Entrepreneur Podcast Network (March 2015)


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