80% of Facility Managers Want a Single Vendor. Here are 5 Reasons Why

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July 13, 2021

Every facility manager knows there are multiple moving pieces that need to be managed efficiently and effectively, or the business will not be able to survive. For facility managers, one of the hardest parts of the job is juggling multiple vendors involved with cleaning and maintenance, landscaping, HVAC repair, supplies replenishment, and many other tasks. 

In this article, we will outline the 5 top reasons why many facility managers are now enlisting services such as OpenWorks, which provides virtually every integrated facility management service that any business would need all under one umbrella. 

  1. It Saves Time. According to an in-depth study conducted by OpenWorks in February 2020, nearly 78% of facility managers currently work with 6 or more facility service vendors. Therefore, if there is a problem or question that needs to be addressed in an organization that manages 10 vendors, the facility manager may need to communicate with 10 different people to ensure that the message was received. This can mean 10 emails, 10 phone calls, or 10 text messages at the bare minimum. 
  1. Vendors and Facility Managers can Develop Stronger Relationships. All businesses and companies benefit by having strong, long-term relationships with their vendors. Strong relationships lead to better communication, which, in turn, leads to improved efficiency for all parties involved. When there is a significant number of vendors that need to be managed by one facility manager, communication tends to suffer. 
  1. It Saves Money. When facility managers work with multiple vendors, there need to be multiple contracts in place. This means that more money is spent on managing all of the different facility services. 
  1. There is One Standard of Quality for All Services. When a company like OpenWorks is responsible for all of the provided services, there is no need to leaf through piles of different contracts to determine what is included with a service and what isn’t. There is one responsible party that guarantees a high-quality service. 
  1. There is a Clear Division of Labor. With multiple vendors, it can often become confusing to determine who is responsible for which task. However, when all of those vendors work under the same umbrella, it is not the responsibility of the facility manager to answer this question. In fact, when facility managers partner with Openworks all the facility manager has to do is highlight a specific need to the contact person and the issue will be addressed quickly and efficiently. 

Why Choose OpenWorks?

With all of the benefits highlighted above, it’s clear that facility managers should strongly consider consolidating their many vendor services into one integrated system.  

OpenWorks is the perfect choice for all businesses, boasting an impressive resume that includes: 

  • A 98% customer retention rate
  • Single point-of-contact
  • The ability to accommodate large, medium, and small companies
  • Full breadth of facility management services for a variety of industries including healthcare, education, hospitality, industrial, and general office
  • CDC and EPA compliant cleaning procedures
  • Both local and corporate oversight to ensure best practices

If you are feeling overwhelmed by having to manage multiple service vendors, consider a consultation with OpenWorks. For more information and to get an estimate, connect with us here: https://openworksweb.com/get-an-estimate/ 

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