Facility Services: A Growing Industry

Facility Services is a Growing Industry

Facility management is one of the largest industries in the United States. It also happens to be one of the most consistently growing areas of the economy. This article will shed some light on why this industry has such incredible growth potential.Managing a commercial facility, and doing it well, is a service that is in high demand. When businesses and organizations employ an efficient and successful facility management company to take care of their building, they see the value in retaining an efficient facility services structure.Facility management often covers a wide array of services including, but not limited to:

  • Cleaning: windows, floors, etc.
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Sanitization
  • Handyman services
  • Green cleaning practices (development and implementation)

These services help facilities boost productivity and drive success among employees. All facilities require a healthy, clean environment, so it’s easy to see why organizations continue to seek out the best facility management service providers.A few factors contribute to why this industry continues to grow. First, the facility services industry is unique in that new structures are constantly being built, and new businesses are opening their doors in existing buildings. This means that there is always a growing need for facility management. It also means sustainable business growth for those that choose to operate in this industry.Second, the potential for growth, as well as the high volume of sales (over $100 billion annually), make the facility services vertical almost recession-proof. Buildings need proper maintenance and care and require a healthy, clean environment, even when the economy slides.Green cleaning practices are a final factor in facility management growth. As the push to become more sustainable in all business practices becomes a higher priority for more and more organizations, it only makes sense that they would want to take a sustainable approach to one of the most basic aspects of the company: maintaining the facility it operates in. Companies that offer green cleaning alternatives often exceed the already impressive growth that standard cleaning operations see.If you’re interested in learning more about an opportunity to get in on the ground level of one of the fastest growing industries, visit our https://openworksfranchise.com/franchise-opportunities/ page for more information.

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