OpenWorks CEO Talks About Overcoming Adversity publishes a new article featuring OpenWorks' Founder and CEO, Eric Roudi, where he talks about how facing adversity helped OpenWorks grow into the company it is today.

“A high level of employee engagement is the biggest weapon we have. We have an open book management style; we’re transparent with our financials and the performance of the company.
The more internal stakeholders know about where we are and where we are going, the more they understand the part they play in the success of the organization.”

Since 1983, Eric has leveraged his expertise in the commercial cleaning and franchise industries to deliver customized solutions for clients, while also staying true to OpenWorks' franchise business model. Click the link above to gain some insight on how adversity is often one of the best teachers for business owners.

link: Forbes article OpenWorks has 23 regional offices across the United States. Improve your bottom line and learn more about who we work with here.

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