How to Get the Most Out of Your Cleaning Service

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Nobody likes to clean – that’s why we do it for you! But we know cleaning services aren’t free. You made a calculated decision to hire a cleaning service to improve the health and productivity of your workplace. So, we want to make sure you get a great return on your investment.Here’s how you can get the most out of your cleaning service, and your hard-earned money, in 2015:Don’tclean before the cleaners arrive. Trust us, we’ve seen worse, and cleaning is what you hired us to do. There’s no need to clean up to impress us.Do tidy up your space before the cleaners get there. You are paying for us to clean, not to put away clutter. That’s money wasted if we have to spend time moving things around or can’t get to a spot that needs to be cleaned.If you want a particular area to be given special attention, make it easier for us! Be sure to point out the spot and move any large furniture that might be in the way before we arrive. This will save our time and your money – everyone wins!Informyour cleaning service of any special instructions before they get there. Got office allergies? Do certain areas require specific cleaning products or guidelines? Cleaners aren’t mind readers. Let them know what you want and they will be happy to accommodate your request.If you’re starting a new service, have someone there for the first cleaning, especially if there are specific instructions to be explained. It’s better to explain things face to face rather than through a note that can be misunderstood, forgotten, or not even noticed at all.Warnyour regular cleaners of what to expect if there is a particularly daunting mess to clean up. Surprises can be fun, but not this kind, and nobody likes to be unprepared for a stinky, sticky mess without the proper cleaning products. If we aren’t prepared, we can’t clean your space as thoroughly as possible.Rememberto thank your cleaners. A little gratitude goes a long way. After all, your cleaning service is an integral part of keeping a healthy, well-running workplace. Keep your cleaners feeling appreciated and you’ll be sure to always find your workspace nice and clean. We all like some credit for our hard work, right?

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