How Cleanliness Impacts Educational Enrollment

There are many important aspects to running a successful private school. A few that probably jump to mind are exceptional faculty members, availability of necessary technology, textbooks for every attending student and proper facilities for extracurricular activities. But did cleanliness come to mind just now? If it didn’t, it absolutely should.Proper cleanliness in your school is vital to maintaining student health and even increasing enrollment. In fact, according to a recent study by the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA), there is a correlation between the cleanliness of a school’s facilities and students’ academic achievements.

  • •88 percent of the students polled indicated that a lack of cleanliness became a distraction at APPA Level 3, casual inattention, and at Level 4, moderate dinginess.
  • •84 percent indicated that they want APPA Level 1, orderly spotlessness, or Level 2, ordinary tidiness, to facilitate a positive learning environment.

But that’s not all, around 78 percent of students say that cleanliness affects their health. That’s because a lack of cleanliness can spread allergens and germs, increase bug infestations, and increase stress. That’s a big deal because when a student’s health is impacted, so is the ability to learn — especially if bad health leads to missed school days.

So how can you apply these findings to you?

First, a clean facility is paramount to your success. It is important for student and faculty health and for improving the learning environment. But it can also impact your recruitment and retention. Think about it, if students aren’t comfortable in their environment, as 88 percent aren't above APPA Level 2, they may go elsewhere.At OpenWorks, we can help you achieve and maintain the highest cleaning standards for students, staff, parents and visitors. We work with you to pinpoint your wants and needs to create a customized cleaning schedule. In fact, we can help you during the school calendar year, at a single event or for one particular season. At OpenWorks we don’t just maintain educational facilities, we improve them, so you can focus on improving education and increasing enrollment.Fill out the form below to contact OpenWorks for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation of your Education Facility.[sc name="OW New Contact Form"]

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