How to Find Hidden Risk That Drives Away Tenants, Impacts Communities, and Hurts the P&L (CHECKLIST INCLUDED)

Are you listening to your tenants? Are you seeing their online reviews and taking them seriously? What have you heard about your properties?

If you haven’t heard anything and think, “Everything seems to be OK with our in-house or facility management provider that we’re using. There are no complaints.” You should know that silence does not mean everything is OK.

In fact, OpenWorks has experienced that when working with property management companies like Greystar, Sunny Hills Management Company, Camden Properties, Affinity, UDR, Equity Residential, and many others, if there is noise, it’s already too late and damage has already been done:

  • Tenant trust and satisfaction is trending downward
  • Efficiency has already dropped, impacting the service that property managers and staff give their tenants
  • Time to resolution for maintenance requests is getting consistently slower and slower
  • Tenant churn is increasing, and occupancy rates and rental fees are inconsistent across sites and regions, impacting the P&L

This is why we put together this checklist below to help you identify if your facilities are putting your healthcare operations and revenue at risk.

image of checklist for property managers to find out how to find risk
Get your risk checklist to find out how your properties' FM team can help you gain a competitive edge and keep tenants happy.

How OpenWorks Can Help Fix the State of Your Facilities

We do not take risks with your property management operations. You need a compliant, safe, and efficient environment to regain your tenants’ trust and improve resident satisfaction. Thusly, you need a valued partner to help keep satisfaction numbers high once they get there.

Your communities require a specialized approach to facilities services that are 100% compliant with national, state, and local regulations.

OpenWorks is experienced in serving residential communities and knows what’s at stake when all tasks are not completed correctly. We remove operational risks by using best practices within the industry while tailoring our work to the needs of each of your communities. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach as it is dangerous and simply doesn’t work.

In addition, we intentionally focus on an integrated set of services to improve efficiency with one trusted provider. OpenWorks delivers a variety of reliable, personalized services to meet the needs of each of your sites.

  • Local OpenWorks teams provide the resources property managers need to respond to resident needs in a timely manner.
  • Trained service providers understand the regulatory and compliance requirements at the state, regional, and national levels.
  • Centralized service management and oversight means one point-of-contact, streamlined operations, and one source for facility data across all assets.

Are your facilities management and cleaning teams checking all your boxes? If something is missed, tenants will notice, complain, and eventually move on. OpenWorks wants your properties to feel like home to your tenants. And we’ll help you get there and stay there. Contact us today to learn more about our facility management services for the residential property industry.

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