How to Find Hidden Risk That Impacts Childcare Centers, Pre-K and High Schools, Kids, Staff, and the P&L (CHECKLIST INCLUDED)

Children are some of the most important people on Earth. They hold potential, they hold innocent, and through that, there is even wisdom.

There are many options for educating them or getting daily care for them while adults work.

Whether folks choose a daycare, then a Pre-K facility, and even later a charter school, private school, or even public, choice is everywhere.

Many folks have even gone to online education since the COVID-19 pandemic taught us that it can work for some kids.

But that same pandemic uncovered and accelerated already existing issues in education. From a teacher shortage to school choice, education can get all the help we can give it.

To that end, did you know that the facility management approach an educational facility takes can help? It’s true. Read on to find out how.

Keeping Families and Kids In Your School

When parents look for a school, they are looking at more than just academics. They want a safe environment that is well kept up and maintained with standards to meet their family’s needs.

Administrators and teachers do not have time or the bandwidth to figure out who can cover if their janitorial staff does not show up. Hygiene is vital and necessary in our schools and places of learning, and if it is a less-than-desirable state, children can't learn, parents lose faith, and teachers are distracted.

What’s more, school leadership and administration may not even know there is an issue with the facility management at their school until it is too late. And just because no one is actively complaining doesn’t mean everything is OK.

In fact, in working with charter schools, private schools, and daycare centers like Cadence Education, Imagine Schools, Goddard Academy, and others, we learned that if there is noise, then it’s already too late.

We have found that when there is silence, the following have already occurred:

  • Schools and childcare centers are not consistently compliant, putting their licenses and accreditation credentials at risk.
  • Staff churn has already increased due to poor working conditions.
  • Attendance has dropped.
  • Fewer students are returning.
  • Brand reputation is damaged through poor online reviews.
  • More money has been spent to recruit new students and staff.

This is why we put together the checklist here to help identify if your facilities are putting your schools and childcare centers at risk.

Download this helpful checklist to find out how a mature facilities management company can help you.

How OpenWorks Can Help Fix the State of Your Education Facilities

We do not take risks with your childcare and private school operations. You need a compliant, safe, and efficient environment to gain parental trust, facilitate improved learning, increase child performance, and stop employee churn.

Your schools and childcare centers require a specialized approach to facilities services that are 100% compliant with national, state, and local regulations.

The school services provided by our network help create a clean, safe, and healthy environment for students, staff, parents, and visitors — with EPA List N-approved antimicrobial disinfectants to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that transmit infectious diseases like COVID-19, influenza, and more.

Whether cleaning is performed during the day, at night, or in preparation for special events, our service providers accommodate your school’s busy schedule to ensure its high standards are on full display.

What We Do

Our elite network has been trained in all aspects of educational facility cleaning — and the work is a point of pride in your school and themselves.

We remove operational risks by using best practices within the industry while tailoring our work to the needs of each of your schools or childcare centers, as we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to facilities is dangerous and does not make sense.

In addition, we intentionally focus on an integrated set of services to improve efficiency with one trusted provider. OpenWorks delivers a variety of reliable, personalized services to meet the needs of each of your sites.

Centralized service management and oversight means one point of contact, streamlined operations, and one source for facility data across all schools or centers.

Are your facility management and cleaning teams getting an A+ this year? If not, contact us to help you make the grade, retain students, instill pride, and prevent teachers from leaving.

When you chat with us, we’ll work alongside you to develop a plan that includes commercial cleaning, landscaping, and anything else your facility needs. We’re not just flexible. We’re open.

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