How to Hire the Right Facility Management Companies

The need for facility management services is in high demand thanks to COVID-19.

Maintaining a clean and well-run facility is no simple task. And no one person can do it alone.

You need expert commercial cleaners. A team of facility managers who will help with cleaning, disinfecting, and property maintenance.

Don’t let the labor shortage and fluctuating economy stop you from getting the help you need!  

Besides, why take the time and resources to train employees when you can hire a professional team? And facility management services have access to the latest cleaning technology. They'll get the job done!  

Here are some quick tips that’ll guide you on hiring the right facility management companies for your business.

First Things First: Know What Your Facility Needs

Before you search for facility management services, ask yourself what services you need. And how often you will need them.  

If you feel you don’t need full-time upkeep, then seek a company that will work with you for the cadence of services you require. Make sure they are flexible, but still provide professional property maintenance.

This will put you on track to finding the right kind of facility management team.

Research Facility Management Companies

It’s always wise to set a budget before investing in anything. But don’t let yourself be swayed by low prices. A low price rarely means quality service from an experienced provider.

Check their reputation. Look into client reviews and client retention rates. Schedule an estimate to see how they can service your business. And ask the right questions:

●      Are they expert commercial cleaners servicing many customers like you?

●      Do they have access to the latest cleaning technology?

●      Are they well-staffed to deal with potential service interruptions?

●      Do they provide services to facilities like yours?

●      Have they worked with operations like yours before?

Also, we recommend reviewing how comprehensive their facility management services are for your facility. Take OpenWorks, for example. Our comprehensive facilities management services include:

●      Landscaping

●      Pest Control

●      HVAC

●      Electrical/Lighting

●      Plumbing

●      and Supply Replenishment

Finding a single service partner with the breadth of services will help you save on expenses and the time otherwise needed to manage multiple vendors.

Finally: Do a Trial Run

So the testimonials and interviews don’t have you convinced you’ve found the right facility management team, now what?

Ask if they will do a trial run. That way, you can assess if they work well with your facility and meet your standards. It will also give you a chance to discuss any difficulties or specific requirements for your facilities.

This is the time to address any particular needs or concerns as you finalize your decision.  

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of an Experienced Facility Management Provider

The outsourcing facility management market hit one trillion dollars in 2020.  And the numbers continue to increase for good reason as many businesses see the incredible value in having a single partner address their needs.

Save yourself time and money by consolidating the many vendors you may be working with into one experienced provider.   OpenWorks offers everything you need when it comes to facility management services, and we can work with nearly any property given our experience with over 5,500 customers.  Give yourself and your team peace of mind-- we handle our business so you can focus on yours.  Get all your facilities needs met through one reliable partner servicing multiple locations nationwide.

Contact us today and get your free estimate!

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